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Joey is meeting his dad in the hope it will make him a better man, until Troy makes an offer that could undo everything. Can Joey make the right choices and win back his family?

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Season 1
Joey gets a job. When he realises that a shopper wanting 'elbow grease' is just a wind up, his humiliation leads to some classic Joey self-sabotage. And a bloody nose.
To impress Rachol, Joey suggests a family fishing trip. He just needs a rod, a car, lunch for everyone, and an ability to say 'no' to Troy's chaotic interference.
Joey needs cash fast. Can he raise enough to avoid a beating and get back into Rachol's good books? Meanwhile, Aunty Sabrina goes on a wild spending spree at Charcoal Chicken.
Joey faces his first major challenge after prison when his best friend Troy proposes a big night out. Can he resist? Can he even afford it? And what would Rachol think?
Joey is released from prison and returns home to the Fitzroy community housing flats in the hopes of reuniting with his girlfriend, Rachol, but things aren't the same.