Getaway Goes To France

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Getaway Goes To France

Catriona Rowntree is in Paris, the city of love, before heading off on a luxury cruise through the Bordeaux region of Southern France.

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Season 1
On Getaway, touring the glorious South of France enjoying all the food, wine, art and culture.
This week on Getaway, wining and dining through the beautiful and bountiful French region of Bordeaux.
We are off to taste test all the flavours of France. From Paris down to the region of Bordeaux, where we will enjoy the fine food and wonderful wine this area is famous for.
We are showcasing the flavours of France. We visit Paris, the city of love, before heading south to Bordeaux for some fine wine and food.
Poh is back in France enjoying the food, wine and culture of the Bordeaux region.
This week on Getaway Poh Ling Yeow joins the team for a culinary cruise through the beautiful Bordeaux region of France.
Special guest, comedian Lizzy Hoo takes us on a cruise through the South of France. From the gastronomic capital of Lyon to the historic town of Avignon with all the tasty treats.
David Reyne is in France, cruising the Seine River, visiting the sombre sites of the D-Day Landings plus the spectacular gardens that inspired Monet.
Cruising the almighty Seine River through France, from Paris up to the battlefields of WWI. Enjoying the food and wine of the area, while learning about the history.