Gourmet Farmer


S3 Ep10

Expired 4.0 332 x
Feast - It’s been a year since Matthew expanded his business and bought the new farm and it’s been a steep learning curve for both him and Sadie. Their passion to have visitors to Fat Pig Farm to share and experience their lifestyle, and taste produ...

S3 Ep9

Expired 4.0 128 x
Fish - Matthew, Nick and Ross go on a sailing adventure to Maria Island on Tasmania’s east coast. The boys learn how to sail, meet some keen fishermen, are visited by dolphins and whales, and explore Maria Island, hiking and snorkelling at the marin...

S3 Ep8

Expired 3.5 157 x
Beef - 50 acres of pasture is a lot of grass to manage and the local NRM, who are the group who consult on how to improve and maintain a healthy farm - have told Matthew he desperately needs to get animals to graze his grass - to regenerate it and a...

S3 Ep7

Expired 3.0 145 x
Cellar Door and Wine Growing Road Trip - Nick has bought himself a wine fermenter and is hoping to enlist both Matthew and Ross to make a barrel of their own vintage. The three boys go on a Cellar Door road trip around the Tamar Valley, researching ...

S3 Ep6

Expired 2.5 169 x
Breaking Down a Pig - Matthew Evans is keen to use all parts of the pig to make sure that he’s adding as much value as possible to his future porkers. He has a plan for a ‘Breaking Down’ day, where one pig is broken down into its constituent parts, ...
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