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Gourmet Farmer

It's been a year of experimentation and Matthew Evans has kept chooks for eggs, but now he'd like to get heritage chickens for their meat. He is interested in the differences between heritage chickens and free-range chickens purchased from the supermarket and so he sets out to c...

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Season 3
Matthew Evans, the former food critic turned farmer, returns in a new season of Gourmet Farmer. Over the last few years, Matthew has discovered his small farm is too shady and too wet for most of the year, which has hindered his farming aspirations. Now Matthew is up-scaling. He has bought a new farm, 70 acres and 10 minut...
Season 2
In the final episode, Matthew continues his exploration of the possibilities of preserving pork by heading off to meet some French providores - experts at preserving high end product in cans. Matthew returns enthusiastic with his findings, only to discover Australian health laws make such a venture prohibitively expensive ...
Matthew has been invited to Italy as part of Slow Food’s annual salon. While there he learns to make salami the traditional way with local butchers. This gives him an idea for how to preserve pork when he has an excess supply back home in Tasmania.
On a bushwalk with a park ranger, Matthew samples some native produce which gets his mind to thinking about what else is growing wild closer to home on his farm and around Hobart. He goes mushrooming with Tom Samek and wild food expert Anita Wild and he finds wild greens growing literally at the front gate. But Matthew is ...
Matthew, Nick and Ross take their Long Table Lunches business to a new level when they host a lunch on Flinders Island. This time they take nothing but salt, pepper and a bit of olive oil to an island which has got to have more protein running around it than any other piece of land in Australia. It's a real logistical chal...
Matthew and Ross have a stall at a new farmer’s market where stall holders can only sell what they grow or source from providores. They see this as an opportunity to expand and try out a few new products. First is B’stilla, a Moroccan pigeon pie that they source from Phil Newton. Next, they go hunting for wallaby and rabbi...