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Guga Foods

I dry aged steaks in peanut butter and the results are amazing.

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Season 1
I went all out and smoked every meat in my freezer. Then, I prepare naan from scratch.
I make an amazing rack of lamb that is as good as steaks. Then, I master preparing a real Cubano sandwich.
I show you how to make an impressive surf 'n' turf. Who makes the best steaks, a home cook or Texas Roadhouse?
Can I make an In-N-Out burger even better by using Wagyu steak?
I try to make the best chicken Wellington in the world. I also test Salt Bae's butter tenderloin recipe.
I make a grilled beef Wellington and a delicious cheeseburger from a recipe that dates back to 1912.
I dry age one whole rib roast for 60 days. I then combine the "low and slow" technique and dry aging.
Is it really worth making this beautiful $90 steak sandwich?
Making a MrBeast burger and the largest bistecca Fiorentina steak in the world.