Hard Quiz


Season 4, Episode 18

4.0 0 x
Four brave contestants put themselves under the #HardQuiz spotlight for a chance to win Tom Gleeson's Big Brass Mug. Tonight's expert topics: Strictly Ballroom, the Australian Light Horse, the Bee Gees and Breaking Bad.

Season 4, Episode 17

3.0 6 x
Battle of the Duds: Four returning favourites get another shot at becoming #HardQuiz champion. Getting their second chance are Jim (expert topic: skateboarding), Conan (George Orwell), Winnie (origami) and Walter (Friends).

Season 4, Episode 16

4.0 1 x
Where does Tom Gleeson find these oddballs? Tonight's #HardQuiz expert topics: Croquet, Barry Manilow, retired AFL superstar Nick Riewoldt and toenails. Yep...toenails!

Season 4, Episode 15

4.0 5 x
Tom Gleeson's got another Big Brass Mug to give away to the last #HardQuiz expert left standing. Tonight's topics: French cheese, World Chess Champions, leaders of the Soviet Union and the White Stripes.

Season 4, Episode 14

3.0 3 x
Tom Gleeson is back with a fresh batch of experts to compete for the Big Brass Mug. This week's #HardQuiz topics: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Napoleonic Wars, air traffic control and sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Season 4, Episode 13

3.0 7 x
Four experts, four topics, but only one Big Brass Mug. Gold Logie winner Tom Gleeson asks hard-hitting questions about Dolly Parton, the Toy Story films, Pete Sampras and dogs?!

Season 4, Episode 12

4.0 6 x
Tom Gleeson squeezes another four expert contestants through the #HardQuiz wringer. This week's topics: Cricket legend Steve Waugh, Sydney's Luna Park, author David Foster Wallace and singer Frank Sinatra.

Season 4, Episode 11

3.0 17 x
Gold Logie winner Tom Gleeson returns with brand new episodes of Australia's HARDest quiz. Experts on Joan Crawford, K-Pop group BTS, rugby hero John Eales and Jewish holidays go under Tom's merciless microscope.

Season 3, Episode 5

4.0 2 x
Well-informed Weird Al expert Ben, enlightened Edward III expert Sue and the Wicked-ly wise Leigh race Tour de France expert Greg to the finish line - all while trying to withstand Tom Gleeson's withering wit. It's #HardQuiz!

Season 2, Episode 14

4.0 0 x
NBA expert Jared, Quentin Tarantino expert Ross, WWII weapons expert Peter and 'Sex and the City' expert Jess battle each other while braving barbs from Tom Gleeson. Who will be champion? It's time to play...HARD!