Hard Quiz

Season 6

Season 6, Episode 35

4.5 51 x
Four contestants vie for the Hard Quiz Big Brass Mug, with their various specialty topics of Billy Idol, The Witcher, Stephen King's IT, and '80s and '90s supermodels put to the test. It's time to play HARD!

Season 6, Episode 34

4.0 33 x
Tom Gleeson hosts a clash of epic proportions on Hard Quiz! Where else would you see vintage synthesizers go head-to-head with Dance Academy, Neil Armstrong, and Sierra Leone? Nowhere, that's where!

Season 6, Episode 33 - Battle Of The Duds

4.0 64 x
It's the Battle of the Duds! Fan favourites Miles, Nick, Lisa and Ash get one more crack at taking home Tom Gleeson's Big Brass Mug with their special topics: Mazda MX-5, Sir Donald Bradman, Kate Ceberano, and the clarinet.

Season 6, Episode 32

3.0 34 x
Quizmaster-General Tom Gleeson sinks his teeth into the Twilight Saga, Midnight Oil, Danish Kings of England, and Australian railways. Which superfan will hoist the Big Brass Mug?

Season 6, Episode 31

4.0 35 x
The Big Brass Mug is up for grabs, and experts in Duke Kahanamoku, AC/DC, Mean Girls and the Australian Dung Beetle Project are out to get it. What on earth is the Australian Dung Beetle Project?

Season 6, Episode 30

3.0 27 x
It's a battle royale as host Tom Gleeson puts four experts to the test on their specialty topics. Topics include the Chernobyl disaster, Ultimate Frisbee, Wallace and Gromit and Hanson.

Season 6, Episode 29

4.5 61 x
Who will accept the Big Brass Mug from Tom Gleeson? Stepping up to the mic are experts in Bob Geldof, machine learning, the powerful owl and The Matrix trilogy.

Season 6, Episode 28

4.0 24 x
Only one winner can take home Tom Gleeson's Big Brass Mug! Expert topics include Manchester City, Australian Blue Tongued Lizards, Mariah Carey, and The Babysitters Club.

Season 6, Episode 27

3.0 29 x
What do King Henry VII, Shaquille O'Neal, dinosaurs and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert have in common? They're all expert topics on Hard Quiz! Find out who takes home Tom's Big Brass Mug!

Season 6, Episode 26

4.0 41 x
Is Hard Quiz the Mortal Kombat of quiz shows? Find out when an Mortal Kombat expert faces off against fans of Ace Ventura, the Kray Twins and the Airbus A320. Who will be left standing?