Hardcore Pawn

Season 6

Season 6, Episode 1 - Face Off

4.0 18 x
Tensions are at an all time high following Seth's stand-off with Les. The chaos that has been created in the store makes for bad blood and worse business.

8. Ashley's Aftermath

3.3 83 x
Ashley returns to put Seth in his place. Meanwhile, a customer is robbed and fights to sell her last remaining possession.

7. Ashley's Breakdown

4.0 28 x
Seth discovers a hidden room overflowing with merchandise his employees have been unable to sell. Then, Ashley chases a customer into the parking lot over a diamond necklace.

4. Banned For Life

3.0 30 x
A woman pays her pawn payment, only to get into an argument with Ashley when she also has to pay interest.

6. Busted

4.0 27 x
With their father/son relationship already on the rocks, a major miscommunication between Les and Seth could land a key employee on the chopping block.

Wed 16 Mar, season 13 episode 13

4.0 315 x
It's the day of the big event. Can ringmaster Karen pull it off without a hitch?

Wed 2 Mar, season 13 episode 12

3.0 106 x
A customer's dunk tank inspires Karen to come up with a big idea for the shop.

Wed 24 Feb, season 13 episode 11

3.0 105 x
Les finally lands a buyer for his special edition Lee Iacocca Mustang.

Wed 17 Feb, season 13 episode 10

3.0 81 x
When Ashley interferes with one of Karen's sales on the shop floor, a family feud breaks out.

Wed 10 Feb, season 13 episode 9

3.0 95 x
Les hatches a secret plan to put his employees to the test.