Helsinki Crimes

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July 2022
Young boys, hardened by their tough home lives, end up committing crimes. Harjunpää is called to examine a water body, who turns out to be a victim of an assault, and is still alive.
The young boys who see mentors in professional criminals and freestyle wrestlers continue their path of crime and violence. A discovery of a second body leads Harjunpää and Nykänen to a heartbreaking conclusion to the case.
The mental health of a start-up-millionaire gets shaken by identity theft. Harjunpää and Nykänen are assigned to the case which confuses them, as the thief's objective appears to be creating mischief.
The millionaire feels the pressure from the hackers and slowly loses his mind. A blackmail message arrives from the mischief-makers, and the victim decides to take the law into his own hands.
Shocking news from home causes a disruption in Harjunpää's concentration on a case, where a series of homicides come into light around the Helsinki-area. Someone arranges dead women's bodies on their beds.
Elisa's condition becomes critical; Harjunpää's panic rises; at work, following in the footsteps of the male sex workers, Harjunpää and Nykänen discover terrible things.