Homicide: With Ron Iddles


6.Terry Floyd

3.3 156 x
12 year old Terry Floyd plays a blinder of a game in his Saturday afternoon footy match on June 28th, 1975. He then visits a mate to play Monopoly before heading home. But he’s never seen again.

5.Gina Rossato

4.1 388 x
Gina Rossato’s naked body was found dumped in a ravine, her throat was cut and she’d been beaten with a belt. She’d gone missing the day before after catching a cab home from work in the early hours.

4.Mandy Ahmadi

2.7 74 x
A mother of two mysteriously disappears a week before Christmas. Police think she’s run away with her lover. Her husband holds a media conferences appealing for her to come home.

3.Erwin Kastenberger

4.3 141 x
Security guard Erwin Kastenberger is shot dead by armed robbers as he delivers money to a bank. Ron trawls through the “usual suspects” of armed robbers, and finally tracks down the killers.

2.Wayne Amey

2.0 137 x
Femme fatale Robyn Lindholm is a stripper with a seedy past, with links to gangster Alphonse Gangitano and the underworld. She persuades her new lover to kill her ex-partner Wayne Amey.

1.Gary Adams

4.6 459 x
17 year old Gary goes missing but his mum Jo-Ann struggles to make police listen. 8 years later, the case is still not solved until Jo-Ann pleads with Ron to investigate.