Jersey And Guernsey

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Jersey And Guernsey

St Helier's Port operations manager, Robin, is preparing to welcome an 18th century Swedish replica sailing ship, The Gotheberg to Jersey's shores. But guiding the world's largest wooden sailing ship through the harbour’s rocky entrance is a huge undertaking and with bad weather...

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Season 1
On Guernsey's Cobo beach, caterer Mim Sarre is expecting a new arrival she hopes will transform her business: a bright pink, custom built pizza truck that is being shipped from the USA. In St Mary on Jersey, record-breaking metal detectors Rich and Reg target a new location they hope contains yet more historical finds.
Jersey and Guernsey celebrates the breathtaking natural beauty and rich historical heritage of these beautiful channel islands, by following the lives of those who have lived there for generations. In Grouville, an eighth generation Jersey farmer races against the elements to meet the tight supermarket deadline. In St Ouen...