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Karma's World

Karma's big plans for a great first day of middle school are shaken up when classmates make fun of her name.

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Season 1
When CeCe drags Karma's name through the mud, Karma's community stands up for her the way she's always stood up for them. Can Hansberry raise the money and save the day, in spite of CeCe's continued attempts to sabotage them?
CeCe stole Karma's song! With all of her friends and family counting on the Supersound Skyscraper, Karma makes the tough decision to stand up to CeCe and risk letting her community down.
Karma and her friends are devastated to discover that the Community Center is going to be closed if they can't get the money for repairs. But celebrity, pop icon, and philanthropist CeCe Dupree swoops in to save the day.
When Karma sees her parents arguing, she starts to worry that they might get divorced. Trying to save their parents' marriage, Karma and Keys get to work as their personal cupids.
When Switch makes a fire new beat with her brand-new Beat Maker, Karma asks to use it for the neighborhood "Flow N' Tell" - it'll be perfect for her performance.
When the Community Center is overtaken by a mysterious Stink, Karma turns to her community to band together and solve it. But none of her neighbors want anything to do with the Stink… it's gross.
Karma has a fan... a big fan! So much so that she's driving Karma up the wall. Karma agrees to be a guest on her podcast but ends up not taking it seriously, hurting Neha's feelings.
Keys has been even Keys-ier than usual lately, and he seems to be popping up everywhere. Just as Karma reaches the end of her rope with her annoying little brother, they get locked into the Community Center!
Karma's dad is out of town for a weekend, and Mum asks Karma and Keys to help handle some chores. After hearing about how easy their friends have it, Karma and Keys revolt, and do pretty much anything other than chores.
When Karma is paired with Sam Murphy for a group project, she's excited to work with her, but notices Sam isn't really writing all that much. When Karma finds out that Sam has dyslexia, she tries to help without listening.
It's Storytelling Day at Peachtree Middle! Winston's excited to bring in his abuelita, Dona Maria, to share her stories from years of working as a nurse but she can't access the stage in her wheelchair.
When Karma decides to start her own club for hip hop fans with a secret handshake, Carrie gets competitive. Her club is the best - and the best club has the best handshake, obviously!
After watching a behind-the-scenes doc about a girl group, Karma decides she wants to make one of her own! She holds auditions and soon her new group The Go Girls are Hansberry Heights' hottest musical act.
When a playground misunderstanding between Winston and Chris gets heated, Karma and Crash find themselves on the same side as they to stop a fight between their two best friends!
Winston's on top of the world following the positive reviews of his Flex N' Flows, the customized sneakers he and Karma are rockin'. He's so excited about the art form he paints a pair for his art class homework.
Karma and Winston are head over heels for the latest and greatest kicks on the market- the Sky Rockets! They both know that they absolutely have to have them - but when their parents are not convinced, they get to work.
When it's announced that a brand new Mega Mart is coming to the neighbourhood, Karma is as excited as any of her neighbours! That is, until her Mum tells her it will be built on the Community Garden lot.
It is once again Karma's first day - this time, as an intern for Lady K! She's ecstatic and has some big ideas about what being a rap icon's intern will look like.
After capturing and rapping along to a breaking news story - live! Karma, Winston, and Switch begin to gain a following for their new "rap"ports.