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Kindig Customs

The shop is packed to the gills, and Kev must make room for new projects.

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Season 9
The team gears up for SEMA, scrambling to get 10 cars ready for the show.
A Hummer comes in for a 4WD conversion, engine swap, interior and paint.
Rick Mezich from "Deadliest Catch" tests Dave's design prowess on his CF1.
The owner of an iconic '55 Nomad wants to boost the power with a blower.
A simple repair turns into a full rebuild for a show-ready '35 Roadster.
The shop hits the road with their freshest builds for a show in Colorado.
Challenges still lie ahead as the C10 moves into final assembly.
The body work on this truck is where the art of the build truly comes out.
A beat-up truck arrives, but underneath all the rust lies a hidden gem.