Married at First Sight

April 2021

Episode 32

2.7 16 x
Reunion finale. The most explosive finale in program history unfolds as the couples take to the couch for the final time.

Episode 31

3.3 19 x
The Final Dates continue. The last time the couples will see each other before final vows when they must decide whether or not to continue outside of the experiment.

Episode 29

3.5 23 x
Final vows part two: The remaining couples decide whether or not to continue their relationships outside of the experiment in some of the most emotional vows ceremonies ever.

Episode 28

3.3 17 x
The final dinner party. The experts produce the Honesty Box for the final test of the couples' commitment before they take their final vows.

Episode 27

3.0 35 x
Everyone is back for Boys and Girls' night; Sam has unfinished business with Bryce.

Episode 26

3.0 13 x
The final dates. The remaining couples have one more chance to spend time together before separating to consider their future.
March 2021

Episode 24

2.5 46 x
Clinical sexologist Alessandra Rampolla joins TV's most controversial social experiment, as strangers meet their partners for the first time at the altar in the quest for love.

Episode 20

2.9 50 x
Bryce finds himself in the firing line again at the Dinner Party.

Episode 19

4.6 37 x
Fallout continues from the virtual "Meet the Parents" event.

Episode 18

3.8 25 x
The new couples move in and a sudden departure shocks the experiment.

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Married at First Sight is an Australian reality TV series in which three dating experts match up four couples who have never met before, and who will marry each other when they meet for the first time. It is based on a show of the same name from Denmark.

The concept of the show revolves around the couples getting married, spending a wedding night of luxury, going on a honeymoon together‎, and finally living together for a month in order for them to determine whether or not they want to keep the relationship going. After season 3 Married at First Sight was extended and the format of the show was adjusted, with the number of couples participating in it increasing from four to ten.

The show, produced by Endemol Australia, airs on the Nine Network at night (season two aired at 19h30, while season three and four have been broadcast at 20h40). This makes it easy for you to miss an episode or two every once in a while, and that's what is here to help you with.

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