Masters of Flip

August 2019

Episode 6 (Pretty In Pastel)

4.6 655 x
Dave and Kortney have to contend with city traffic on their newest project, but when a demo doesn't go quite as Kortney planned, Dave has an ace up his sleeve to keep a smile on her face.

Episode 5 (Teardown Turnaround)

2.5 240 x
Dave and Kortney look for a new approach to their latest flip project.
July 2019

Episode 4 (Third Time's a Charm)

4.5 157 x
Kortney and Dave's latest project turns out to be simple, but Kortney has an axe to grind with the team.

Episode 3 (Funhouse Flip)

3.0 129 x
Dave and Kortney take on a new project, where they face new challenges.

Episode 2 (Love, Life and Lath)

4.0 190 x
Kortney embraces a neutral colour palette in her and Dave's latest flip, which has great chi.
January 2019

Episode 10 (Flipping the Queen)

2.8 515 x
Kortney and Dave tackle the renovation of a Queen-Anne Victorian home but termite and water damage send them down a slippery slope. Will they be able to weather the barrage of unexpected problems or will this house eat up all their profits?
December 2018

Episode 9 (Into The Woods)

3.0 136 x
Kortney and Dave's small addition turns into a big money pit as they transform a split-level house in the woods into a tranquil retreat.

Episode 8 (Off the Rails)

2.5 142 x
Kortney and Dave flip a run-down craftsman home in a hip and trendy neighbourhood. A modern design plan with a hefty budget is used entice the right buyer because the challenging location threatens to derail their profit projections.
November 2018

Episode 3 (The Cottage)

4.5 206 x
Kortney and Dave transform a home in the historic overlay, which comes with renovation restrictions, forcing them to be creative in their design plan for an unusual addition.
April 2017

Ep 1 The Look Back

4.1 688 x
We look back at house-flipping experts Kortney & Dave Wilson who breathe new life into old, rundown Nashville homes.