Swinging Safari

4.0 3 x
1970s Australia: a time of boxed wine and bad hair. A 200-ton blue whale washes up on a local beach and the kids reckon it's grouse. Meanwhile, their mums and dads are joining the sexual revolution.

The Hunter's Prayer

3.0 1 x
An assassin is sent to kill a young woman but finds himself unable to pull the trigger. They form an alliance to avenge the death of her family.

Killing Hasselhoff

3.0 6 x
A struggling nightclub owner resorts to desperate measures in order to pay off a loan shark, when he tries to win a celebrity death pool by hiring a hit man to kill David Hasselhoff.


4.0 6 x
When a bank is hit by a series of robbery homicides, all evidence points to the owner and a rogue Ranger team. As the FBI dig deeper into the case it becomes clear that a larger conspiracy is at play.

Maximum Conviction

3.0 4 x
When former black ops operative Cross and his partner Manning are assigned to decommission an old prison, they must oversee the arrival of two mysterious female prisoners.


3.0 6 x
After a high-stakes M16 mission goes horribly wrong, Special Boat Service commando John Stratton must face the threat of a chemical weapons attack by a rogue former Soviet agent hell-bent on revenge.

Chasing Comets

4.0 7 x
Chase's hard partying has lost him his girlfriend and his dream of playing in the NRL is going down the gurgler, so he takes a leap of faith to sort out his life. Based on the life of Jason Stevens.


4.0 6 x
Self-made millionaire Mike Regan finds himself in a deadly, high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse when his I.T. consultant starts to stalk his daughter and endanger his family, his business, and his life.

Girl On The Train

3.0 10 x
Devastated divorcee Rachel witnesses something shocking happen to the perfect couple that she has been fantasizing about on her daily train commute and soon becomes entangled in an unfolding mystery.
Episodes 2018

Emo The Musical

4.0 3 x
A sullen high-school student whose life is defined by what he hates, finds love with a blindly optimistic Christian girl, much to the annoyance of his angst-filled band mates and her zealous brethren.