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Mystery Lane

Goliath the dog, the terror of the park who is feared by all homeless animals, finds an adversary stronger than himself - a creature with a black coat and luminescent eyes that stands on its hind legs like a werewolf.

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Season 1
A prestigious diamond on display at the British Museum has just been stolen and the theft bears the signature of Warragul, the infamous diamond gnome.
The sovereign of London animals is concerned by a series of cat abductions in the Marylebone neighbourhood.
Detective McFlare is certain that the diamond thief who is currently terrorising London will come after the Queen's diamond next.
Just as Agent Paxton, the Scotland Yard pigeon, is about to share an important piece of information with his boss, Detective McFlare, they are attacked by a small, elusive, mysterious adversary with Ninja combat techniques.
A long-clawed feline with a spotted coat and sculpted mask bursts into the Queen's bedroom in the middle of the night and whisks the monarch away as if by magic.
A beauty contest poodle is attacked in her home one night by a tentacular creature.
A cat named Jellybean comes to consult Clever - her master, a great violinist, lost his mind and broke his violon in a tantrum, as if he'd suddenly become a baby.
Snowball and Charcoal, Clever's neighbours at the pet shop, are kidnapped during the night. Clever receives a tablet that shows them as prisoners. She recognises their place of detention, the room of the Templars' treasure!
Champollion, the parrot of the famous archeologist, Sir Arthur Bones, calls upon Clever when his master is abducted by a humanoid robot after localising the famous Templars' treasure.
Flash, the greyhound race champion, disappears from his ultra-secure pen in unfathomable circumstances the night before an important race.
Salty, one of the Royal Guard cats, is paralysed by a mysterious knight with supernatural powers.
On a diplomatic trip to London, the pet sovereign from the City of Cairo is the victim of an inexplicable theft during his visit to Buckingham Palace.
Clever tells Bro and McFlare that she has gathered enough clues to know where the Evil Knight, the most wanted criminal in the animal kingdom, plans to hold the upcoming meeting of his secret organisation, The Cause.
The Queen in person comes to see Clever for an ultra-confidential mission. The previous night, her secret agent 'C', tried to join her to warn her of an imminent danger but then disappeared mysteriously.
Athena calls on Clever and Bro when she and her scientist master are attacked by the phantom of her master's partner who died in an accident twenty years ago and who now threatens to seek vengeance.
One night, Alfred the pigeon witnesses the abduction of a hamster by a creature with an extraordinary ability to move rapidly and agilely.
During an unusual blackout in the Lexington district of London, all lights and electronic gadgets switch off. Clever investigates the scene of a jewelry store robbery that is every bit as strange.
McFlare seeks Clever to help him flush out the famous criminal who escaped from Greenside Prison - the dangerous Nibbler, a rat with teeth as tough as nails that no wall can stop.
A mysterious hacker named Ingenius takes the Law into his own hands and sets out to attack the elite pet population of London by remotely controlling connected electronic gadgets.