Nigella Kitchen

November 2013

Episode 12 Devilishly Good

3.0 190 x
It's time for some seriously delicious eating and in Nigella's kitchen every mouthful is devilishly good. Fabulous fiery red jumbo chilli sauce with tortilla chips washed down with a cool and classic Americano cocktail.

Episode 11 I Did It My Way

3.0 155 x
Nigella's putting her very own stamp on some seriously fabulous and favourite recipes. Tiramisu made even more incredible with hazelnut liqueur and a home-style version of Jamaica's classic Jerk Chicken.

Episode 10 Easy Does It

3.0 123 x
It's all about easy in Nigella's Kitchen where she's using every trick in the book to make as delicious and effortless food as possible.

Episode 9 Can't Live Without

3.0 95 x
Nigella's sharing the secrets of food and flavours she just can't live without.

Episode 8 Kitchen Tourist

3.0 66 x
Nigella doesn't need to leave the house to travel - she has the whole world at her fingertips, visiting all corners of the globe from her kitchen.

Episode 7 Kitchen Comforts

3.0 104 x
It's a long weekend of comfort cooking in Nigella's Kitchen where the food is delicious and the cooking is easy.

Episode 6 Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It

3.0 108 x
Nigella's shaking things up in the kitchen, proving you shouldn't knock it till you've tried it. No time to bake? No problem!

Episode 5 Suppertime And The Cooking Is Easy

3.0 149 x
Whether you're cooking for family, friends or just yourself suppertime needs to be easy. Spanish chicken with chorizo and Nigella's no-fuss fruit tart show how easy making supper can be.
October 2013

Episode 4 Rags To Riches

3.0 99 x
Truly heavenly meals don't have to start with painfully expensive ingredients. Nigella's got a whole host of sublime recipes up her sleeve that hail from far more modest beginnings.

Episode 3 Inspiration Everywhere

3.0 99 x
Nigella Lawson conjures up more dazzling dishes from the heart of the home, finding inspiration anywhere and everywhere with delicious results.