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Our Law

In the series finale, the big day has arrived for Leroy.

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Season 2
The cells have reached capacity in Kalgoorlie, giving lockup-keeper Ace both a lot to do and a lot to think about.
Alan grapples with the realities of sending youth to detention in Western Australia.
Back at the Western Australian Police Academy, Leroy is given a wakeup call about his performance during realistic scenario training.
Auxiliary officer Ace Kiernan returns home to become the first ever Aboriginal custody officer in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.
Recruit Leroy struggles with taser training, Constable Jarwin has a difficult day on the beat, and Senior Constable Patricia tackles Domestic Violence in the Torres Strait.
At the Western Australian Police Academy Leroy starts weapons training, while in Ballarat, Victoria, Sergeant Melissa Peters heads to a shopping centre to deal with an alcohol-fuelled disturbance.
Cadet Leroy takes the next big step, six months of recruit training that will push him past his limits. It's a path that will see him reach his dream of becoming a fully-fledged police officer.
Season 1
With a crucial fitness test standing in the way of finishing their cadetship, the cadets make their final push towards graduating. The frontline police officers each make life-changing decisions.
As the cadets make big decisions, the force farewells one of its finest First Nations officers. On the frontline, Cohen must draw on his spirituality to help a woman in distress.
The cadets struggle under the weight of their most challenging frontline experiences yet, and one will finally buckle under the pressure.
After an eye-opening first few weeks on the job, the cadets ready themselves to go back to the academy for their scheduled fitness test. Who will pass and who will fail?
First Nations cadets and police officers set out to try to build a law that's fair for everyone.
The cadets are deployed to their regional posting to experience the realities of frontline policing.