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Pedestrian Clickbait

We go deep with a death match wrestler, find out if Karen is a slur, and put the humble mud cake to the Will It Sizzle test.

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Season 1
We talk penis size on 27 Pedestrian, plus more Will It Sizzle mayhem, fame chats with the Por Que No Los Dos girl, and the phones of Splendour acts are unlocked.
We met with the world's greatest Yiayia on 15 Minutes, birthed a monstrosity on Will It Sizzle, and hit up our 27 Pedestrians for their take on whether TikTok should be banned.
Unreal Estate goes deep into the Sydney rental market, old mate Nollzy shares his take on 15 Minutes, and the 27 Pedestrians do K - the Kardashians!
The 27 Pedestrians let us know what's the worst thing that's ever happened to them, and Will It Sizzle answers one of life's big questions.
Kitchen Hands gets a lil silly, bringing together KFC & nachos. Ur Boy Bangz is lighting up 15 Minutes, and the 27 Pedestrians get heartwarming. CUTE!
The 27 Pedestrians share their thoughts on Boomers, those ever talented Kitchen Hands whip up some Vegemite Pasta, and Steven Bradbury shares his secrets on 15 Minutes.
It's TimTam Brownies on the Kitchen Hands menu, the 27 Pedestrians weigh in on what they'd disinvent, and 15 Minutes meets up with Chestbrah, brother of icon Zyzz.
We checked in with Magikarp Boy on 15 Minutes, made a TikTok viral recipe on Kitchen Hands, and asked our 27 Pedestrians if we're alone in the universe. Slay!
We talked fetishes on 27 Pedestrians, caught up with the viral star of Not Bhed, Good Size fame on 15 Minutes, and learnt how to make VB infused poutine on Kitchen Hands. Yum!?