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Phoenix Rise

Billy and Rihanna's secret is revealed so they decide to run away. But wracked with guilt about telling Mr Stewart, Darcy hatches a plan to stop them before it's too late.

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Season 1
Darcy discovers just how bad things are at home for Billy and he has to decide whether to tell Mr Stewart. Meanwhile an English assignment forces Rani to find her voice.
At Careers Day, Summer is left humiliated in front of Cassidy and her friends sending her anxiety spiraling. And a school football match makes unlikely allies of Billy and Darcy.
When the gang wind up in detention, Darcy comes up with a plan to escape. But can they make it to the staff room and back without getting caught?
Darcy's plans with Summer are ruined when the rest of the gang gate-crash his romantic evening. But when Summer asks Billy out on a date, someone locks him in the Boiler Room.
In a bid to beat Brooklands and impress Summer, Darcy takes on a viral video stunt. But has he bitten off more than he can chew?
Nathan's secret bullying of Khaled takes a dark new turn and Khaled must find a way to expose his threats. But will anyone believe him, and will his new friends come to his rescue?
It's the first day of term at Phoenix Rise and for six new pupils it's a chance to start again. But is it ever that easy?
The last day of term becomes a day of reckoning for Billy and Khaled as they are both left facing the consequences of their actions.
Following another run-in with Miss Abel, Leila decides to get her own back but she goes too far. And Carl tries to reconcile with Billy, but will it be too little too late?
It's the day of the mock exams but an interruption sends Billy's life spiralling out of control. Meanwhile Rani has a choice to make: Nathan or the Boiler Room Six?
It's Cassidy's birthday party and Darcy is left with a huge list of tasks to complete. But as the pressure becomes too much, will he crack and reveal the truth about him and Daisy?
Darcy decides to break up with Cassidy but finds it difficult to tell her. Meanwhile Leila is worried about Rihanna, and Summer is faced with a huge decision.
An outdoor camping trip turns to disaster for Darcy when he's partnered up with Daisy. But Khaled is distracted with a dating app. What exactly is he up to?
Khaled's birthday turns into a nightmare as Nathan gets hold of his special present. But how far will he go to get it back?
Leila and Rihanna skip school to meet an influencer. But with Bee, Billy and Mr Stewart on their case can they get away with it? Polly and Cassidy's election campaigns heat up.
Summer returns to Phoenix Rise to find that everything has changed. Billy's suggestion of a double-date with Darcy and Cassidy to break the ice goes spectacularly wrong.
Billy is at risk of failing his mocks so Darcy hatches a plan to steal the exam papers. Meanwhile Miss Abel is on a power trip and there is a new face in the Boiler Room.
It is the end of term prom and with her anxiety spiralling, Summer decides to seek help. But will Billy confess his feelings for her before it's too late?
It's the day of the school musical but can Rihanna finally be honest with Leila about her lack of singing talent? Meanwhile a bad day for Khaled leaves him seeking revenge on Mr Stewart.