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Planet America: Fireside Chat

All eyes on the Supreme Court as it hands down decisions on gun control, abortion and presidential immunity. Plus Biden and Trump prepare for the first presidential debate. Chas and John discuss the week's big issues.

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Season 2024
Are black voters deserting Biden for Trump? Also, why the chip war is a battle for US-China supremacy, plus Trump advisor Steve Bannon loses his fight to avoid jail.
Trump steps up his VP search, so who made the shortlist? The backlash to Biden's immigration policy, plus as the battle for Kharkiv continues Biden draws parallels between Ukraine and WW2. With guest host David Lipson.
Guilty! With Trump now a convicted felon, what does it mean for the 2024 election? John and Chas speak to journalist Nick Bryant, US District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin and former Trump campaign advisor Sam Nunberg.
Nikki Haley to vote for "unhinged" Trump, the truth about that "Reich" video, plus is waning US political support for Ukraine giving Russia the upper hand? We ask war journalist Alisa Sopova.
A front row seat to Trump's New York trial with journalist Jonathan Alter. Plus, as immigration remains a key election issue we look at why the southern border is moving further south with immigration expert Dara Lind.
Biden's warning to a defiant Netanyahu. Cook Political Report's Dave Wasserman on the state of the race. Sex with the president - a criminal defense expert explains why Stormy's testimony was dangerous for both sides.
Gone to pot - Will Biden's marijuana-move save his campaign? Also, RFK Jr's "no spoiler" election plot, the racist rant that wasn't, plus odour in the court: is Trump letting it rip during his trial?
Supreme Court to the rescue? The key takeaways from Donald Trump's immunity case. Plus protests and arrests as campus tensions escalate.
Defendant in chief: with all 12 jurors seated, what's next for Trump's hush-money trial? We ask former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks. Plus the Great Dechurching - why millions of Americans have stopped going to church.
Biden's last remaining Democratic presidential rival Marianne Williamson on why she's still in the race plus a national security expert on what a breakdown in bipartisanship means for Ukraine and the future of US defence.
Do facts stand a chance against spin and fake news? We ask an expert. Plus the crime wave that wasn't, and why the Buckeye state is turning red. (Planet America takes a two week Easter break and returns Wed 10 April)
RFK Jr's controversial VP shortlist, the attempt to ban TikTok, plus the meltdown over Biden's 'secret migrant flights'.
Joe Biden takes on Donald Trump in a feisty State of the Union, but is it enough? Plus meet the Republican candidate who says feminism is the work of the devil.
Justice delayed, or justice denied? Trump gets special treatment from the Supreme Court. Plus Mitch McConnell's controversial legacy, and could the 'uncommitted' vote over Gaza cost Joe Biden the election?
Is South Carolina Nikki Haley's last chance to take on Donald Trump? Also why some Republicans believe Taylor Swift is rigging the election, plus is Kim Jong Un preparing for war?
America's economy is booming, so why isn't President Biden getting the credit for it? Two leading economists weigh in. Plus judgement day looms for Julian Assange. Chas and John discuss the week in America.
Senior momentum: 'Elderly' Biden hits back as Democrats panic. And borderline farce creates chaos in Congress.
'Patriots' at the border: why a stand-off in Texas could become a constitutional crisis. Plus it's looking like Trump/Biden 2.0 - but what do the polls say?
And then there were two. As Donald Trump claims a second state, Nikki Haley ponders the road ahead. Why Joe Biden's best chance could be Donald Trump, plus is the US push for a two-state solution doomed to fail?