Play School: Dinosaur Roar

Play School: Dinosaur Roar catch up

Season 361

Season 361, Episode 2 - Dino Museum

4.0 3 x
Rachael and Matt make a giant T-Rex using cardboard boxes and spin the Creature Carousel. The toys join them for a slide show in the Play School Dino Museum. 'Through The Windows' we take a trip to the museum!

Season 361, Episode 1 - Dino Eggs

3.0 3 x
Michelle and Kaeng make baby dinosaur puppets, then explore the Creature Carousel in the Play School Dino Museum. They tell the story of Tui the Triceratops and her twins. 'Through The Windows' we go on a dino egg hunt!

Season 361, Episode 5 - Soar And Splash

3.7 11 x
Abi, Kaeng and Tim the paleontologist explore swimming and soaring prehistoric reptiles. Big Ted and Maurice use the 'Find-A-Saurus' to identify a mysterious creature. 'Through The Windows' we meet some prehistoric puppets!

Season 361, Episode 4 - Dino Fossils

4.0 5 x
Join Matt and guest presenter Loren with Tim the paleontologist to explore fascinating fossils! They make crafty clay fossils, then Kiya and Little Ted go on a dino dig. 'Through The Windows' we discover 'dinosaur trees!'

Season 361, Episode 3 - Polar Dinos

3.0 4 x
Michelle and Rachael make a 'flippyosaurus' and 'flappyosaurus', who tell the Long "Tail" of the Dino Ice Skating Festival. They get dressed up to dance at the Dino Disco. 'Through The Windows' we stomp and roar some more!