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Brett tackles a historic Victorian home built by Andrew McNally of Rand McNally publishing fame. To retain the home's grandeur, Brett relocates the kitchen and entryway.

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Season 4
Brett takes on the massive challenge of returning a large 1926 Tudor Revival home to its former glory. He restores the exterior, entryway, living room, kitchen and main bedroom,
A 1912 Victorian house is a hybrid of styles, combining Victorian flourish with Arts and Crafts simplicity. Brett manages to restore the home, blend two architectural styles.
An unusual cottage looks like it's right out of a fairy tale, but it's lost some of its magic over the years. Brett adds details to the home to enhance the architectural style.
Homeowners are looking for usable space in their 1911 Craftsman cottage. Brett finds a way to give them both while bringing the original character and charm back to their home.
A 1906 Victorian lost its charm due to additions and modifications. Brett solves the mystery behind a decorative ring on the front of the house and returns interior details.
A midcentury modern home has lost some of its original personality over the years. After discovering Japanese influence in the home's exterior, Brett restores it.