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Season 4
The last seven celebs face the final brutal phase - a punishing interrogation featuring ice baths and burial to force a confession. Will they crack or make it through to the end?
The celebs train for life on the run behind enemy lines. Ex-Strictly dancer AJ Pritchard gets triggered. Boxer Shannon fights for survival. And Calum Best leads his team astray.
The recruits are split into teams led by Ashley Cain and Maisie Smith. As they compete in three brutal challenges that test their leadership skills, who will prove the strongest?
The recruits are pushed to their mental limits as the DS test their ability to stay composed in a simulated warzone, where they need to make quick decisions.
The recruits need to shift a one-tonne broken-down Jeep through thick sand in searing heat. And ex-sprinter Dwain Chambers is on the ropes crossing a ravine 160 feet above ground.
The celebrity recruits face two brutal and hair-raising trust exercises, jumping from a helicopter in pairs, and doing 150-foot freefalls off a cliff. There's also a beasting.
The recruits face an intense start to the course, crawling through sand in the blistering 40-degree heat, before facing every desert soldier's worst nightmare - a gas attack.
Season 1
In this third phase of SAS Selection, the celebrity recruits are put into specially selected pairs to test their ability to work together as a unit.
In this second phase of SAS Selection, the celebrity recruits are tested on their mental and physical strength and whether they have the right mindset to complete selection.
Once again 12 Celebrities will leave their glamorous lives behind to take on the challenge of this unique version of SAS selection.
Over the next 48 hours the remaining 6 celebrity recruits begin the interrogation phase. Only the physically and mentally elite will make it to the end.
With 12 hours on the run in Escape and Evasion on the horizon the DS have devised a brutal set of tasks designed to test the resilience of the remaining celebrity recruits.
Over the next 48 hours the remaining 7 recruits face the toughest challenges on the course so far.
12 celebrities head into the wilds of the Scottish Hebrides on one of the toughest courses yet. Do these celebrities have what it takes to pass SAS selection?
All 12 celebrities who began the course still remain, but as the pressure cooker environment builds, through a series of physical and mental tasks, several recruits question their place on the course.
It’s the third phase of this unique version of SAS: Who Dares wins. The 10 remaining celebrityrecruits are placed in pairs and must work together for the next 48 hours.
The recruits face one of the most brutal and confronting tasks on the course, the Redman, wherethey must both release and control their aggression in hand to hand combat against the DS.
To break them down physically and mentally before the final stage, the Directing Staff push the recruits to their limits with gruelling tasks. Who will have the mental resolve to make it to the end?
It’s the final episode of the series and time to find out who has got what it takes to pass thiscondensed celebrity version of SAS: Who Dares Wins. Five recruits remain, who will make it to the end?