Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta catch up


15. Rockabilly And Motorcycles

3.0 188 x
Mackenzie's 100-year-old dress didn't turn out as planned and with two weeks until the wedding, she'll need a new one that won't blow her budget.

13. 88 And Out The Gate

4.0 40 x
Lori and Monte head to Nashville to help country artist Jimmy Stanley with a surprise proposal to fellow country singer Kristen Kelly.

11. If I Fell Like A Penny, I Need To Look Like A Million

4.0 30 x
Jennifer is a breast cancer survivor who wants to show off her curves, but Mom prefers her mounds to be covered.

9. Multiple Dress Personality Disorder

4.0 54 x
WNBA star and Bride Angel has a game plan to say yes to a pantsuit but her friend thinks she should sport a dress and Bride Cassie is on the hunt for the perfect veil.

7. Waiting For A Sign

3.0 45 x
Due to a recent tragedy, bride Anna has not taken the time to find a dress but the team is certain they can save the day.

5. Are You Ready To Play Bridal Blitz?

4.0 42 x
Emily said yes to her fiancé after 6 weeks of dating but finding the perfect dress in time for her upcoming wedding takes longer than expected.

3. What Would Phaedra Do?

3.0 32 x
Bride Nikki gets a big surprise when her celebrity idol shows up to help her choose a wedding gown and bride Melody is ready to see her custom jet-black gown but her mum may not approve.

4. A Little Sparkle Goes A Long Way

4.0 32 x
Olympian bride Kellie Wells comes in tow with Team Conservative and Team Sexy.

1. Two Montes Are Better Than One

4.0 47 x
Bride Dawn's son gives Monte a run for his money as he seeks out the perfect dress for his mum.

2. I Feel Fierce

4.5 24 x
Bride Jaye is eager to try on gowns but is shocked to find her sister has taken her place on the runway and bride Allysa searches for a unique dress to compliment a medieval themed wedding.