Secrets Of The Tower Of London

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Secrets Of The Tower Of London

The Tower has recently mourned the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and proclaimed King Charles III. Having seen 42 monarchs come and go, the fortress needs to make some important changes to mark the new King's reign - the Yeoman Warder's uniforms need to be updated and...

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Season 5
On September 8, 2022, news arrives that will change the Tower - and the United Kingdom's - history forever. The death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is announced after 70 years on the throne. It's a time of deep sadness for the Tower staff and for the Yeoman Warders, some of whom have met the Queen in their role as roya...
Season 6
The Beefeaters prepare to say goodbye to their Chief Yeoman Warder, the new baby raven is named, and a 400-year-old suit of armour gets a deep clean at the conservation laboratory.
After 14 years of service, Pete McGowran announces his retirement. Pete reflects on treasured memories, including when he gave Queen Elizabeth II a private tour of the Chapel.
The team prepare for a spectacular coronation concert at the Chapel of Saint Peter ad Vincula. The ravens are not as pleased as expected to be released from Avian Flu quarantine.
It's May 2023 and preparations are under way for one of the biggest royal occasions in seven decades: the coronation of King Charles III, with 17 Yeoman Warders joining 4,000 troops.
The crowning of Charles III means the Beefeaters' uniforms must be updated to acknowledge the new King. Plus big changes to the moat, and a look at Henry VIII's beloved mother.
Behind the walls for another extraordinary year at the historic attraction. It's March 2023, and the Tower prepares for one of the most important events in its 1000-year history - the crowning of a new monarch.