Season 18

Season 18, Episode 3 - Carol Kopenkoskey

4.0 4 x
A 39-year marriage ends in a brutal death, revealing a surprising tale of adultery and murder

Season 18, Episode 2 - Ajelina Lewis

4.0 5 x
When a young father is murdered, suspicion turns to his child's mother, but was his death a drug hit as she claimed, or was it a more personal vendetta?

Season 18, Episode 1 - Sheila Eddy

4.0 3 x
A family searches for a missing teen only to find out she's been betrayed by her closest friends.
Season 24

Season 24, Episode 1 - Amy Fisher

4.0 15 x
A jealous teenager's brash act of violence thrusts a shadowy affair into the national spotlight. The surviving victim, Mary Jo Buttafuoco sheds light on her side of the scandal.
Season 21

Season 21, Episode 1 - Eve Nance

3.0 36 x
When a beloved Wisconsin father disappears, his wife blames drugs, but close friends suspect a violent confrontation that ended a marriage filled with secrets.

Episode 9 (Sarah McLinn)

4.0 57 x
A shocking murder raises questions about a young woman, her relationship with her boss and the possibility of multiple personalities.

Episode 10 (Stacey Shoeck)

4.0 29 x
The murder of a devoted family man leads investigators through a twisted tale of infidelity, betrayal and one woman's deadly plan.

Episode 13 (Judy Parker)

4.5 74 x
A business man's mysterious death sends police on a years-long investigation that leads to suspicions of those nearest and dearest to him.

Episode 2 (Deborah Huiett)

4.0 208 x
The discovery of an unidentified woman's decomposed body in a roadside ditch leads to a mystery that unravels a deadly love triangle.

Episode 3 (Michele Donohue)

4.0 33 x
She said her husband ran away with his much younger mistress, but after years of suspicion, police find him much closer to home.