Summer House: Martha's Vineyard

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Summer House: Martha's Vineyard

As the sun sets on summer, Alex and Nick organize a 'Luxe on the Bluff' event to celebrate.

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Season 1
As the rosé brunch continues, Alex is put in the hot seat
Jordan comes to a decision about where she stands with Amir. Shanice makes her triumphant return to the house, but her unapologetic attitude causes problems with Bria
The feud between Bria and Silas heats up as the group grows tired of the drama. Alex sparks a flame with a housemate.
After learning that Nick has a girlfriend, Jasmine interrogates him about his flirty DMs to the other women.
Tensions in the house continue to escalate as the newest housemate threatens the peace.
As the housemates begin to enjoy their Vineyard vacation, two newbies arrive.
Newlyweds Jasmine and Silas head to Martha's Vineyard for a much-needed vacation with friends, but things get hairy when an uninvited guest arrives.