Take Me Home

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Take Me Home

A scared three legged dog called Skye needs to learn how to love again, while everyone watches Whynter's temper. Lulou is caught in a love triangle.

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Season 2
A loving mother surrenders not just a dog, but a cat as well, and rehoming them together proves as much of a challenge as letting them go.
Three families, three different reasons to adopt. Two tiny puppies are in need a new home while another little dog is emotionally relinquished and waits for her first home.
Sue looks after a small lost caboodle whose makeover photoshoot almost breaks the internet, while Elichia keeps a watchful eye on big boy Loki who needs to pass a behaviour test.
Elicha finds two small dogs, while out at the pound Neptune needs some basic training to improve his chances for adoption. Meanwhile Ando is assessed by a dog behaviour expert.
The SAFE team are pushed to the limit as a separate Ranger visit, means they need to find 4 puppies a home which causes chaos in the office. Sue and Elichia clash over what to do.
The SAFE team are back to help the neverending number of dogs and cats who through no fault of their own, are in need of new homes.
Season 1
It's an emotional start to the day at SAFE, when Sue gets a call from a couple of gray nomads who've made the painful decision to relinquish their beloved border collie Mollie.
On the outskirts of Karratha, Ranger Renae finds a staffie wandering in the bush. A few days later, the dog is diagnosed with a deadly tick disease and requires urgent treatment.
At SAFE, a big dog has just been dropped off - his name is Rover and he loves to chew! Placed in foster care, it soon becomes clear that all he needs is a doggy mate to play with!
The team at SAFE are under the pump; a hyperactive dog with passion for digging and a reactive dog with a piercing bark are not the easiest animals to rehome.
Heart-warming series, set in an outback mining town of Pilbara, that follows the stories of lost, forgotten and unwanted dogs from the back streets to their new backyards.