The Bachelorette Australia

Season 18

Season 18, Episode 1

4.5 26 x
Thirty captivating men arrive in Indian Wells hoping to find a teammate for life in Michelle Young.
Season 7

Season 7, Episode 11

3.3 236 x
Tonight's the night. Brooke will finally reveal who she has chosen to do life with. But first, the final two must meet Brooke's nearest and dearest for a few hard home truths.

TL;DR - S7 Ep 11

4.0 41 x
Brooke's journey to find love comes to its beautiful conclusion - but not before one last helicopter ride! Catch up on everything you missed on the grand finale of The Bachelorette with this TL;DR recap!
Season 7

Season 7, Episode 10

4.0 179 x
The time has come for Brooke's final three contenders to woo her, From an adventure-filled day to a performance of a lifetime, who will pull out all stops to get closer to our Bachelorette?

Season 7, Episode 9

3.3 280 x
Brooke shows her vulnerability in the final group date. Then, just like that, Hometowns are here! Brooke's final four introduce her to their nearest and dearest with mixed results.

TL;DR - S7 Ep 9

3.0 73 x
A huge episode with some mega shake-ups, wine stomping and even some arts and crafts, but Brooke has some tricky decisions she has to make. Catch up on everything you missed from Episode 9 of The Bachelorette with this TL;DR recap!
Season 7

Season 7, Episode 8

4.8 249 x
One lucky contender is the first to score a second single date, while true intentions of the contenders are revealed on a play-inspired group date, featuring some little helpers.

TL;DR - S7 Ep 8

3.0 16 x
It’s the cocktail party of 1,000 gifts as Brooke must pick who will receive the final single date of the season. Catch up on what you missed with this TL;DR recap of Episode 8 of The Bachelorette.

Hometown Week Is Here

4.0 25 x
It's hometown week with a reveal that will get hearts racing. The Bachelorette Australia continues 7.30 Wednesday on 10 and 10 play.
Season 7

Season 7, Episode 7

4.5 698 x
It's Mardi Gras madness, with two teams pitted against each other to win time with Brooke on the group date. At the cocktail party, one contender clears the air with Brooke in hopes of receiving a rose.

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The Bachelorette Australia is an Australian reality dating game show that is written for television and based on the American dating show of the same name. The Bachelorette, whether American, Australian or from another territory, is also a spin-off of the show The Bachelor. The rules of the game have also been taken from The Bachelor. The show revolves around one single woman, the bachelorette, and a group of 25 or 30 men from which the bachelorette may or may not choose a husband at the end of each season.

The Bachelorette usually features a losing female contestant from the previous season of The Bachelor as the protagonist of the season. For example, Sam Frost, the chosen bachelorette in the second season of The Bachelor Australia, later on became the eligible bachelorette on The Bachelorette Australia's first season. The American version of the show, like its later equivalent from Australia, was an instant success and was subsequently sold to be broadcast in numerous other territories, including France, New Zealand and Germany.

Watching The Bachelorette Australia on

Just like The Bachelor Australia The Bachelorette Australia also airs on the Ten Network and it is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production, after they took over from Shine Media after one season of the show. The show's host is Australian radio and TV presenter Osher Günsberg, a household name amongst Australian television audiences who is also known amongst Australian TV audiences as the host of Australian Idol, Live to Dance and Take 40 Australia (on the radio).

Thanks to it is now easier than ever to stay up-to-date with The Bachelorette Australia's latest romances and developments. Our extensive media library contains every episode of every season since the show debuted in September 2015, for your viewing pleasure. Never again do your friends and family need to explain to you how Australia's favourite Bachelorette did last night, because now you can just open your browser, go to, look for the show with the help of our superfast search engine, and watch the episodes you want to see, on your own time and according to your own schedule.

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