The Brokenwood MysteriesSeason 1, Episode 4 - Hunting The Stag

  • Season 1Episode 4

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The Brokenwood Mysteries

The Brokenwood Mysteries is a TV show on Channel 9. The Brokenwood Mysteries is a New Zealand detective series set in the fictional town of Brokenwood in New Zealand. The series was conceived by Tim Balme (Shortland Street, Mercy Peak), who is also one of the writers for the show, and stars Neill Rea (Go Girls, Auckward Love) and Fern Sutherland (The Almighty Johnsons, Go Girl). Rea portrays Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Shepherd, a detective looking for a more peaceful life, and Sutherland plays the role of Detective Kristin Sims, Shepherd's young and cynical partner who is often irritated by his unconventional methods. The story is about the town of Brokenwood, a haven for people looking to get away from life in the big city and the arrival of a new Detective Inspector (Shepherd) from Auckland to investigate a local police officer. As an ongoing murder investigation seems to have more and more connections to his own investigation, Shepherd decided to stay in the town indefinitely. The popular program has been available since 2023. A total of 7 episodes have been broadcast, most recently in July 2024.