The Celebrity Apprentice


Ep 7 I Don't Have Time For Anyone's Ego but My Own

3.0 88 x
Matt and Boy George go head-to-head on the season finale. Who will take out the eight season of The Celebrity Apprentice?

Ep 5 I'm Going to Full Ballmer/I'm Going To Pump You Up

3.0 27 x
Los Angeles Clippers -The teams have to create a high-energy presentation to promote the Clipper brand and fire up Clipper Nation during a timeout, as well as designing a T-shirt for fans.

Ep 4 I'm Talking About Leadership/Scissors and Some Creativity

3.0 31 x
Teams are tasked for marketing a new product for a health food brand Lorissa's Kitchen.

Ep 3 Are You Out Of Your Tree?/Candy for a Billionaire

3.0 27 x
Teams were to run a photo shoot and prepare a four-page brochure for Kawasaki's new motorcycle line.

Ep 2 Fire Up That Chopper

3.5 64 x
The contestants must create a live segment showcasing grape juice and produce viral videos for a new product; chef Rocca DiSpirito and digital influencer Justince Ezarik serve as guest boardroom advisers.