The Cook Up With Adam Liaw

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Season 6
From a showbiz family to a farming, foodie family, Rachel Ward and Matilda Brown are at the forefront of regenerative agriculture - and they're cooking fresh from the farm with Adam.
Join Adam, chef Karena Armstrong, and entertainer Eddie Perfect for everything you need to host The Rustic Garden Party of your dreams!
NSW Good Food Guide Young Chef of the Year, Shashank Achuta. and The Good Farm Shop's Scott Gooding and Adam leave nothing to chance with their recipes full of flavour packed leaves.
You won't believe how fast chef Rodney Dunn, actor Bert LaBonte and Adam can make their fast frypan favourites. Spoiler alert: it's very fast.
Chocolate or caramel? It's the sweetest choice of all, as Adam is joined by author Julia Busuttil Nishimura and chef Giovanni Pilu.
Whose burgers are better? It's time to find out, with chef Joel Bennetts and comedian Nikki Britton, on The Cook Up.
Adam and his guests, chefs Justin James and Ashley Vola, take Easy Entertaining to the streets with The Street Eats Feast.
Adam raids his edible garden with the help of his guests, du Fermier chef Annie Smithers and horticulturalist Jamie Durie.
Renowned chef Jacqui Challinor and actor-slash-comedian Dave Lawson are saying 'yes, and' to a game of pantry improv with Adam. Don't miss it!
You feta believe Adam and his grate guests chef Ellie Hayes O'Brien and performer Christie Whelan Browne make everything deliciously cheesy.
International sensation Martin 'Yan Can Cook!' Yan joins Adam and award-winning food writer Lara Lee for a night of wonderful wok cooking.
Celebrate the end of Ramadan with a night at the Eid al-Fitr Feast. Adam is joined by Malay food sensation Engku Putri Irna Mysara and the whizz behind Racha's Syrian Kitchen, Racha Abou Alchamat.
What food do you make for the ones you love? Adam and his guests, chef Martin Benn and hospitality consultant Vicki Wild share their heart warming recipes.
When a dessert queen and a tennis champ come together, it's all about the ace of bakes. Ann Reardon and Priscilla Hon join Adam for a match-up not to be missed.
Everyday Gourmet's Justine Schofield and chef Paul Farag. Three adjectives: fuss free and fragrant. One delicious night on The Cook Up.
Adam gives his guests, multitalented broadcaster Yumi Stynes and renowned chef Victor Liong, oodles of noodles and tells them to use their noodles to make, you guessed it, oodles of noodles.
Learn everything you need to host the ultimate curry night, as Adam is joined by guests Minoli De Silva and Narin 'Jack' Kulasai for a delicious evening of Easy Entertaining.
Carefree dinner is on the menu as Adam is joined by superstar chef Sean Connolly and superstar scholar Dr. Tyson Yunkaporta.
Adam and his guests, chef Jerry Mai and musician Clare Bowditch, lighten things up with some fresh flavours.
Adam and his guests, talented home cook Monzir Hamdin and Head Chef Matteo Zamboni, reveal their favourite herbs and spices. And then cook with them, of course. It's a cooking show after all.