The Cook Up With Adam Liaw

The Cook Up With Adam Liaw catch up

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 100 - Sweet Heat

3.0 8 x
Adam and chefs Louis Tikaram and Jake Kellie are bringing incredible summer desserts to The Cook Up Kitchen.

Season 3, Episode 99 - Signature Salad

3.0 12 x
Chef Nelly Robinson and appearance advocate Carly Findlay join Adam in The Cook Up Kitchen to make and share their signature salads.

Season 3, Episode 98 - Pantry Panic

4.0 29 x
Adam, political journalist Annabel Crabb, and scientist professor Steve Simpson are in the kitchen making delicious dishes for when your ingredients are running low.

Season 3, Episode 97 - Red Hot Summer

3.0 22 x
If you can stand the heat… get into the kitchen with Adam, restaurateur Callum Hann and comedian Lizzy Hoo for some recipes for a Red Hot Summer.

Season 3, Episode 96 - Stress Free Starters

3.0 9 x
Adam and chefs Junda Khoo and Paul Farag are making The Cook Up kitchen very zen, as they create some stress free starters.

Season 3, Episode 95 - Short But Sweet

4.0 9 x
Adam, Chefs Sharon Salloum and Morgan Hipworth are in The Cook Up Kitchen combining short with sweet. And it’s a winning formula.

Season 3, Episode 94 - Self Care

4.0 12 x
Brooke Blurton and Mark Humphries are in The Cook Up Kitchen with Adam, making dishes that bring us that warm little hug when we need it most.

Season 3, Episode 93 - Eat With Your Eyes

3.0 6 x
Adam, Restauranteur Matteo Zamboni and Food Photographer Luisa Brimble are making dishes that are so visually appealing you won’t be able to take your eyes off them!

Season 3, Episode 92 - In The Middle

3.0 12 x
Paralympian Ellie Cole and Chef Victoria Rose join Adam in The Cook Up Kitchen to make dishes that are perfect for sharing.

Season 3, Episode 91 - My Secret Ingredient

4.0 10 x
Tonight in The Cook Up Kitchen secrets are revealed. Adam, Actor Aaron Fa’Aoso and Chef Nina Huynh cook with their secret ingredients.