The Cook Up With Adam Liaw

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 112 - Biscuits

4.4 67 x
Food icon, writer and presenter Pamela Clark and owner of Andy Bowdy Pastry, Andrew Bowden, join host Adam Liaw in The Cook Up kitchen to share their favourite biscuit recipes.

Season 1, Episode 125 - Herbs From The Garden

3.0 6 x
Nomad head chef Jacqui Challinor and cook instructor and Iranian refugee Mahshid Babzartabi join host Adam Liaw in The Cook Up kitchen to make their favourite dishes containing herbs from the garden.

Season 1, Episode 110 - Nuts And Seeds

4.0 20 x
Tonight in The Cook Up kitchen, host Adam Liaw is joined by Rockpool's Jayde Harris and indigenous TV presenter and chef Mark Olive as they use native nuts and seeds to create some amazing dishes.

Season 1, Episode 109 - Comfort Food Savoury

3.5 45 x
SBS Insight’s Kumi Taguchi and Sokyo’s Chase Kojima take over The Cook Up kitchen as they chat and create their ultimate savoury comfort food dishes with host Adam Liaw.

Season 1, Episode 108 - Beer

3.0 23 x
Top chef Colin Fassnidge and owner of Eastwood’s Deli and Cooking School, Kelly Eastwood, drop by The Cook Up kitchen to join host Adam Liaw and show what they can create with an Aussie favourite - beer!

Season 1, Episode 107 - Recipes Handed Down

4.0 33 x
There’s a little nostalgia in The Cook Up kitchen tonight as host Adam Liaw, Viking and executive chef at Mjolner Joachim Borenius, and comedian Lizzy Hoo create recipes that were handed down to them.

Season 1, Episode 106 - Zucchini

4.0 58 x
In The Cook Up kitchen tonight we have host Adam Liaw, Universal and Paramount owner Christine Manfield and The Cook’s Co-Op and ex-Longrain owner Martin Boetz as they create some easy zucchini-based meals.

Season 1, Episode 104 - Cheese

4.0 63 x
Meteorologist and food writer Magdalena Roze and Taste of Australia chef Hayden Quinn chat and create their favourite cheese-inspired dishes with The Cook Up host Adam Liaw.

Season 1, Episode 103 - Home Grown

3.0 31 x
Home cooks Noor Azizah and Rnita Dacho join The Cook Up host Adam Liaw in The Cook Up kitchen to create their ultimate dishes using home grown produce.

Season 1, Episode 102 - Mid Week Dinner

4.0 45 x
The Cook Up host Adam Liaw invites Uccello’s Nigel Ward and owner of Monish Cakes, Monica Cavallaro, into the kitchen to create some quick and easy mid-week dinners.