Destination Flavour

January 2019

S1 Ep8

3.0 1 x
Osaka - it's a loud, brash and exciting city that pulsates to the rhythm of the yen. The cuisine of this crazy place is as fast and diverse as its people. Adam Liaw hits the streets to show us Osaka's incredibly delicious array of cheap eats. He also spends the day with a retired sumo wrestler who, when he's not running a ...

S1 Ep7

3.0 0 x
Adam Liaw takes us deep inside the beautiful city of Kyoto. It's a living, breathing museum of Japan's precious culture and traditions. Stunning temples tower over manicured gardens; Kimono-clad Maiko shuffle up cobble streets and cherry-blossoms adorn the castles in spring – it's all so picture-perfect, storybook Japan, b...

July 1, 2016

3.0 2 x
The world is full of marvellous adventures for the serious food traveller. But for Adian Liaw, Japan is the ultimate flavour destination. Join Adam as he takes you back to Japan on a Japanese food tour from the frozen tip of Hokkaido to the tropical south of Okinawa. And everything in between. For lovers of Japan’s food, i...

S1 Ep6

4.0 1 x
After discovering $90 mangoes and high-grade, drinkable vinegar in one of Tokyo's most exclusive department stores, Adam Liaw finds a suburban housewife who's revolutionised children's lunchboxes by making each one an edible work of art. Adam's dinner is served by a man once described as the best chef in Asia: his incredib...

S1 Ep5

3.0 2 x
Adam Liaw hits the packed streets of Tokyo in the midst of cherry blossom season, finding fabulous food in places so small that four is a crowd. A master chef shares the secrets of his donburi – a staple of the typical Japanese 'salaryman'. Then Adam concocts a sweet festival favourite from bean paste and pickled cherry le...
December 2018

S1 Ep4

3.0 4 x
After meeting a former baseball prodigy who now devotes his life to making matchless miso, Adam Liaw catches up with an extraordinary 74-year-old woman who still free-dives for abalone. Adam samples a challenging dish of Nagoya chicken sashimi; he then fries the perfect Wagyu steak – the product of cattle that arguably eat...

S1 Ep3

3.0 0 x
Adam Liaw explores the amazing and unique culinatry culture of Japan. This week, Adam uncovers the secrets to superb sake, samples some of the world's best sushi and prepares a classic Japanese dish with his mother-in-law.

December 24, 2015

Expired 3.0 5 x
Destination Flavour Christmas brings together the extraordinary talents of the SBS Food chefs to create a rich celebration feast that truly reflects Australia's cultural diversity. In this one-hour special television event, Destination Flavour presenter Adam Liaw draws on Asian traditions and childhood Christmas memories t...

Japan S1 Ep 1

3.0 5 x
Adam Liaw is taking food lovers on a journey of culinary discovery through Japan. Adam heads to Hokkaido, known by Australians for its snow, but to the Japanese it is a gourmet paradise known for extraordinary cold-water seafood and dairy farming. Adam meets a dairy farmer who, with only 35 cows and his wife’s cheesecake r...
June 2018

S1 Ep2

Expired 3.0 18 x
A food-inspired road trip around Australia with hosts Adam Liaw, Renee Lim and Lily Serna. Tonight, Lily samples a gourmet fig tart and snacks on raw potato in the southern highlands of NSW, while Renee experiences the buzz behind the Latin American food scene in Melbourne, and Adam pairs lobster with superb cool-climate w...