Destination Flavour

November 2017

S1 Ep4 - Australia - Northern Territory

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Expect the unexpected on this tour of the Northern Territory. Starting off at the heart of Australia, Uluru, Adam visits a Vietnamese garden oasis in the middle of the desert, calls in on a butcher who fishes for perch in his backyard, and meets an outback chef who makes him a special set of knives with the steel forge in his backyard. He finds the prospect of butchering a crocodile quite confronting during this adventure, but soon embraces the task and scores a fillet to use in a prawn and cro...

S1 Ep4

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After meeting a former baseball prodigy who now devotes his life to making matchless miso, Adam Liaw catches up with an extraordinary 74-year-old woman who still free-dives for abalone. Adam samples a challenging dish of Nagoya chicken sashimi; he then fries the perfect Wagyu steak – the product of cattle that arguably eat better food than most humans.

S1 Ep3

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Adam Liaw explores the amazing and unique culinatry culture of Japan. This week, Adam uncovers the secrets to superb sake, samples some of the world's best sushi and prepares a classic Japanese dish with his mother-in-law.

Down Under BestBites

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Adam Liaw gives Australia and New Zealand the ‘Destination Flavour’ treatment in this best-of special from Destination Flavour Down Under series. It’s a culinary road trip of a lifetime and he takes in the untouched beauty of the Western Australian coastline, the baking heat of the red centre, the tree-changers paradise of northern New South Wales, New Zealand’s most spectacular scenery – and plenty of delicious food. Along the way Adam meets the gatherers and growers who stand proudly behind t...

S1 Ep3 - South Australia

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Back in his home state of South Australia, Adam revisits the Eyre Peninsular where he spent many summer holidays of his youth. Starting in the southern Flinders Ranges, he makes his way south from Port Augusta towards Port Lincoln, stopping in at his father’s old hometown of Whyalla for a trip down memory lane. He catches up with Coffin Bay oyster farmer Lester Marshall, and local fisherman Neil Evans. After reeling in the famed King George whiting, he takes his catch inland to the snow-white l...

Japan S1 Ep 2

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After simmering in one of the Tohoku region's famous hot springs, Adam Liaw attempts a world gluttony record: devouring 500 bowls of Soba noodles. Adam finds his sea legs with the fishing family who caught Japan's 'million dollar tuna', and then meets a man who lost his soy sauce factory in the 2011 tsunami but managed to save the lives of his workers.

Japan S1 Ep 1

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Adam Liaw is taking food lovers on a journey of culinary discovery through Japan. Adam heads to Hokkaido, known by Australians for its snow, but to the Japanese it is a gourmet paradise known for extraordinary cold-water seafood and dairy farming. Adam meets a dairy farmer who, with only 35 cows and his wife’s cheesecake recipe, turned their tiny farm into a multi-million dollar business. Hokkaido may be remote, but the northern island has more than 60 Michelin-starred restaurants and the food ...

S1 Ep2 - Southern Western Australia

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Western Australia’s wheat-belt is abundant with ancient crops, and on this journey from the outskirts of Perth to Narembeen, Adam meets many hardworking farmers who have based their livelihoods on unusual ingredients. It’s grape-picking season in the Swan Valley and, while visiting a couple whose Croatian ancestors have been growing table grapes for centuries, Adam whips up a grape and rosemary focaccia. He next meets a wheat-turned-quinoa farmer and learns of the challenges of making the South...
October 2017

Northern Western Australia: Cape Leveque Ep1

3.0 8 x
Following on from his cook’s tour through Japan, Adam Liaw returns to the screen to give Australia and New Zealand the Destination Flavour treatment. In this gastronomic road trip of a lifetime, Adam travels along the untouched beauty of Australia’s Western Coast, through the baking desert of the Red Centre and onto the tree changer’s paradise of northern New South Wales, and even hops over the ditch to New Zealand, taking in secret destinations that most city-dwellers wouldn’t even know exist...

S1 Ep10

Expired 3.0 2 x
Hosts Adam Liaw, Renee Lim and Lily Serna meet passionate growers, celebrated chefs and local food heroes from all over the Australia. In this final episode, Adam meets the chefs behind two of Melbourne's top restaurants, Lily finds out why some of our favourite foods are fermented, and Renee discovers two food pioneers in tropical Queensland growing cocoa and vanilla. (Commissioned by SBS) (Food Series) (Final) G CC