The Dog House AustraliaSeason 4, Episode 2

  • Season 4Episode 2
  • Playback time50:00

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The Dog House Australia

The Dog House Australia is a TV show on Network 10. The Dog House Australia is an Australian documentary series created for Network 10 and based on the original British format The Dog House. In the Australian version of the show, which is narrated by Australian veterinarian and TV presenter Chris Brown, viewers can follow the daily comings and goings at the picturesque Animal Welfare League NSW doggy sanctuary in New South Wales. The idea of the show, like for the original, is to match homeless dogs with prospective new owners from different backgrounds. The result is uncomplicated, heart-warming television full of wonderful rescue stories by real people finding their perfect pet at the AWL rescue shelter. The popular program has been available since 2024. A total of 10 episodes have been broadcast, most recently in March 2024.