The Fairly Oddparents

The Fairly Oddparents catch up

Season 9

Season 9, Episode 8 - Finding Emo/dust Busters

4.3 0 x
Timmy likes a new girl at school. He wishes he was "emo" and stops caring about everything./ Timmy and the fairies have to rid his home of fairy dust. The basement comes alive. Mum and Dad go to a fake spa.

Season 9, Episode 17 - Jerk Of All Trades/snack Attack

4.0 0 x
Timmy gets Jorgen fired. He helps Jorgen find a new job./ Sparky makes his own magic dog treats. Crocker tries to buy one million of them in order to make a wish.

Season 9, Episode 15 - Lame Ducks/perfect Nightmare

3.0 0 x
Dad organises a neighbourhood watch program to catch a neighbourhood thief./ Timmy wishes he had the perfect family in order to win a contest. Everyone goes crazy trying to be perfect.

Season 9, Episode 7 - Two And A Half Babies/anchors Away

4.0 0 x
Foop and Poof have to take care of an egg for a school project. Foop breaks it and swaps it with a dangerous one./ Chet Ubetcha quits his job. Dad becomes the new news man. Timmy must get Chet back in order to save the city.

Season 9, Episode 14 - Let Sleeper Dogs Lie/cat-astrophe

2.0 0 x
Crocker tries to trigger Sparky with a secret word./ Catman confuses Sparky for his old arch-nemesis Dogman.

Season 9, Episode 6 - Scary God Couple

3.0 0 x
Foop becomes Vicky's anti-fairy godparent. Vicky and Foop terrorise Timmy and the kids of Dimmsdale. Foop tells Vicky that the reason Timmy has thwarted her all these years is because he has fairy godparents.

Season 9, Episode 13 - Weirdos On A Train/tons Of Timmy

3.0 0 x
Dad and Crocker make a deal. As a result, Crocker becomes best friends with Dinkleberg./ Timmy wishes up 5000 Timmys for the Planet of the Dads. The Timmys kidnap Cosmo and Wanda.

Season 9, Episode 5 - Force Of Nature/viral Vidiots

3.0 0 x
At a park clean up, Timmy wishes the animals would pick up after themselves. The animals unite and launch an all-out attack on Timmy./ Timmy helps his mum make a viral video. Crocker sees it and thinks Mum is a magical Troll.

Season 9, Episode 12 - A Boy And His Dog-boy/crock Blocked

3.0 0 x
Timmy wishes Sparky was a human. Timmy becomes a dog and has to convince Sparky to change back to canine form./ Timmy wishes Mr Crocker would disappear. Crocker becomes invisible. Dad thinks the house is haunted.

Season 9, Episode 4 - The Terrible Twosome/app Trap

3.0 0 x
Poof goes through the terrible twos. Foop goes through the terrific twos. Timmy and his fairies have to survive Poof's terrible twos./ Timmy wishes for the world's coolest smartphone but it soon starts to take over his life.