The Next Thing You Eat

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The Next Thing You Eat

Pop culture loves to imagine the future of food, but it rarely gets it right. What will life be like in 2050? We'll probably have a lot more sporks but will fast food take over?

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Season 1
So much of what we know about sushi is a lie - and it's causing us to destroy this beloved food. How do we change our eating habits in order for sushi to survive?
Big Breakfast is pulling the strings on what we eat for the most important meal of the day - from coffee to Captain Crunch. The future of breakfast needs to embrace diversity and optimisation.
COVID accelerated an upheaval that was a long time coming for the restaurant industry. So, what comes next? And will the future be more equitable for all?
The burger will never die. Long live the burger! But the proliferation of cheap meat has thrown our environment out of balance. What does the next burger you eat look like?
You'll be able to eat anything you want, wherever you are for a price. Robot pizza. Drone delivery. Technology is coming for the restaurant industry, but what's the cost of convenience?