The Royals: A History Of Scandals

The Royals: A History Of Scandals catch up


Ep4 - Scandalous Marriages

3.0 1 x
Professor Suzannah Lipscomb explores how royal marriages across the centuries have proved to be scandalous and intriguing. From the marriage that deemed so wrong it caused George III to write a new law to the first 'People's Princess'. Helping Suzannah unpack these stories are Dr Nicola Clark, Dr Katie Carpenter, Dr Alexan...

Ep3 - Suspicious Deaths

3.0 2 x
Professor Suzannah Lipscomb investigates notorious cold cases, involving royals from the past. Did Elizabeth I's favourite really murder his wife? Did Queen Victoria's Uncle murder his valet? And was our first Georgian king really involved in the mysterious disappearance of a Swedish Count? Helping Suzannah unwrap these...

Ep2 - Sex And Infidelity

3.0 2 x
Professor Suzannah Lipscomb discovers the marriage scandal that led to a royal taking to the witness box, explores why Charles II was named 'the merry monarch', and uncovers a sex scandal involving a brothel and a royal prince. Helping Suzannah unwrap these stories are Dr Jennifer Aston, Dr Linda Porter and author Glenn Ch...

Ep1 - Wealth And Opulence

4.0 3 x
Professor Suzannah Lipscomb explores the scandals that break when Royals spending gets out of control. From Henry VIII's Field of Cloth of Gold to the extraordinary debt that George IV found himself in, Suzannah also finds out how a medieval commoner woman became one of the richest women in Britain. Helping Suzannah unwrap...