The Secrets She KeepsSeason 2, Episode 6

  • Season 2Episode 6
  • Playback time43:00

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The Secrets She Keeps

The Secrets She Keeps is a TV show on Network 10. The Secrets She Keeps is an Australian psychological thriller written by Sarah Walker (Neighbours, All Saints) and Jonathan Gavin, and based on the thriller novel of the same name by Michael Robotham. The six-part series mainly revolves around the lives of two completely different women who both hold secrets that could have a devastating effect not only on themselves, but on everyone around them. It will take everything they know and everything they've got to conceal them and keep disaster from happening. Laura Carmichael (Downton Abbey, Marcella) and Jessica de Gouw (Arrow, Dracula) feature as the two protagonists, supported by a multi-talented cast including Michael Dorman (Patriot, For All Mankind) and Logie Award winner Hazem Shammas (Safe Harbour). The popular program has been available since 2022. A total of 7 episodes have been broadcast, most recently in December 2023.