The Summit

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The Summit

An obstacle in the ice challenges the final hikers' nerves and with it comes a sacrifice. An decision falls to one hiker; the ascent to the summit was never going to be easy.

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Season 2
The last hikers begin their climb to the summit, ahead of them a obstacle could see them burning cash. A shock at the checkpoint is nothing compared to the twist to come.
The game of survival reaches its most emotionally charged day, as the hikers come face to face with their loved ones, before being ordered to abandon one of their own...
Day 11 comes a heartbreaking decision at a waterfall. As animosity builds against Sam the Chaser, knowing what to do with this outsider is one of their biggest challenges yet.
Bad weather and a treacherous rope ladder delays the group. Each hiker fights for survival as a new player in the game exercises the power to vote someone off the mountain.
A chaser catches the hiking group with the intent to steal someone's cash and vote them off the mountain. There's a price to pay with a challenge and a storm forces an evacuation.
As a chaser closes in to catch the hiking group, a big twist turns the game on its head. A beautiful friendship is torn apart and competitors are forced to turn on each other.
The group learns about a chaser racing to catch them, so will need to step it up a gear. A big obstacle stands in their way and two of the biggest competitors go head to head.
Trust will be tested as the mountain serves up a challenge. A massive fail leads to one hiker threatening to leave, as a secret chaser is released to hunt the group down.
In the quest to reach the summit in 15 days, the 13 remaining hikers are already struggling. A medical emergency shocks everyone and a terrifying rope crossing blocks their path.
Stream ad-free this weekend! In a thrilling game of survival, 14 Australians fight to haul one million dollars to the top of the mountain through intense obstacles and game-play.
Season 1
In a brutal final blow, the final trekkers who make it to the top with their dreams of sharing almost half a million dollars are cut short, as the trekkers they cut from the mountain return to decide how the money is shared.
The group is torn between loyalty and strategy as another hiker is voted off the mountain. A massive rocky chasm stands between the final four and the summit.
As the final 6 close in on the summit, they'll have to overcome death-defying terrain and make some of the toughest decisions yet if they want to make it to the top.
Seven become six, as a double-obstacle with a waterfall at its centre splinters the group, but even bigger forces are at play, with a killer twist turning the game on its head.
Sam's betrayal costs the group more than time and money, it leaves them wondering who do they really trust? With the alliances changing, who will be next for the chopping block?
Jans' taunting of the Mountain's Keeper propels the hikers into a terryfing run for their lives, bringing relationships, trust and morals, all to a dramatic climax.
The group have fallen a day behind, and the remaining 10 members have just 7 days left to get to The Summit with $785,000 left in prize money on their backs.
12 hikers are left on the mountain, and with only 11 days left to get to the summit and claim their cash prize, the group are realising that getting to the top is about a whole lot more than physical endurance.
14 hikers have started the adventure of a lifetime to reach The Summit in 14 days, but not all of them will make it. One has fallen, and they don't have a million dollars anymore.