The Weekly With Charlie Pickering

June 2017

Season 3, Episode 20

4.0 21 x
In the season final, Charlie, Tom, Kitty, and Briggs take on the UK Election, Russia's World Cup, MasterChef, the Veronicas, and the ABC. Special guests: Loyiso Gola, Andy Zaltzman & portrait artist Abdul Abdullah! #TheWeekly

Season 3, Episode 19

4.0 39 x
Needling the headlines to knit you a news-beanie. This week: AirBnB, Russia's new stadium & the UK Election with Jonathan Pie. Tom Hard Chats Steve Price. Kitty takes on pandas. Guest: Data journalist Mona Chalabi
May 2017

Season 3, Episode 18

3.0 16 x
Season 3, Episode 18 of The Weekly With Charlie Pickering was broadcast by ABC1 on Wednesday 31 May 2017 at 20:30.

Season 3, Episode 17

4.0 25 x
The Weekly dissects the Battle of Cocaine Cassie, Turkey's World's Strongest Man & the bulge that changed history. Tom launches a travel show; Kitty solves TV mascots. Guest: Today show doyenne Lisa Wilkinson.

Season 3, Episode 16

4.0 17 x
The Weekly takes on ransomware, baldness cures & current & future US Presidents. Tom Hard Chats physicist Lawrence Krauss; Kitty explains fidget spinners; comedian DeAnne Smith explains LGBQTI* to the uninitiated.

Season 3, Episode 15

3.0 25 x
The Weekly brings down a surplus of funny as Charlie, Tom & Briggs take on housing affordability, kids & gambling, plus Bill Shorten's latest ad campaign. Special guest: Wiggle Emma Watkins.

Season 3, Episode 14

3.0 14 x
The Weekly unpacks the news and finds several kilos of jokes. 100 Days of President Trump, Kitty tries de-cluttering, Tom road-tests his new travel show, and Mel Buttle shows us Real Australia. Special guest: Geoffrey Rush!
April 2017

Season 3, Episode 13

3.0 69 x
Charlie and Tom dissect science, the Logies, the citizenship test, and a terrorist child. Plus election watch with Andy Zaltzman, Tom Hard Chats James Blunt, and special guest, forensic entomologist Paola Magni!

Season 3, Episode 12

3.0 11 x
Stop, drop & laugh as The Weekly targets the nuclear apocalypse. Kitty saves us from superbugs, Tom Hard Chats footy legend Chris Judd & Charlie visits old friend Sam Neill. Guests: Judith Lucy & Denise Scott

Season 3, Episode 11

3.0 13 x
In a world of fake news & alternative facts The Weekly makes breaking news even brokener. Charlie Pickering, Kitty Flanagan, Tom Gleeson & Briggs reassemble the news, hoping no one notices the bits they broke.