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Season 10
Charlie judges Lehrmann and cancels the Olympics, Margaret Pomeranz gives Todd Woodbridge an unreturnable serve, Concetta Caristo makes friends with the neighbours and Kiwi comic Guy Montgomery checks our spelling.
Charlie charges a scandal to the Channel 7 expense account, Rhys Nicholson tests the limits of loyalty programs, Margaret Pomeranz slays her worst TV show yet and Justin Hamilton checks into a sleep hotel.
Charlie reads from Trump's Bible, crucifies Easter, resurrects the Titanic, and blesses China's love for Aussie wine. Roy & HG take the AFL to drug rehab and Zoe Coombs Marr shows where the internet all went wrong.
Charlie cancels Art and teaches Trump some new insults, Margaret Pomeranz doorstops A Current Affair, Rhys Nicholson sends online tat shop Temu packing, and Lou Wall predicts the end of Nostradamus.
Charlie zooms in on the Royal photo fiasco, BAFTA winner and troublemaker Miriam Margolyes is at the desk, Claire Hooper plugs into electric cars and Concetta Caristo gives Monte Carlo a Monte Carlo.
Charlie unpacks the Sam Kerr kerfuffle and the man who survived 217 COVID shots, Rhys Nicholson voids health insurance, Scout Boxall drags Formula 1 and Geoffrey Robertson KC is at the desk.
Charlie infiltrates a Chinese spy and solves the mystery of the missing Princess Kate, social media superstar Celeste Barber is at the desk and Zoe Coombs Marr polices the police at Mardi Gras.
Charlie farewells Scomo and cancels porn hackers, Roy & HG celebrate the NRL's Las Vegas gamble, Concetta Caristo brokers peace with Mongolia and US comedian Alice Hamilton mourns the Election of the Living Dead.
Charlie cures Taylor-mania with Casey Briggs and Nicolette Minster. Margaret Pomeranz pummels Gladiators, Rhys Nicholson gives Facebook a birthday poke, plus Albo in love, asbestos in mulch and pollies intoxicated.
Charlie returns Barnaby to an upright position, Russell Howard is here to save the UK from itself, Barrie Cassidy gives The Weekly a performance review and comedian Concetta Caristo makes friends one country at a time.
Charlie is back with the premiere of Season 10 - Eric Bana is at the desk to give him an acting lesson, Rhys Nicholson tries to focus on ADHD and Margaret Pomeranz savages... The Weekly itself!
Season 9
Ferguson fries Charlie, Trump on trial, Vale Kochie, Margaret Pomeranz keeps up with the Kardashians before leaving them in her dust, Andy Zaltzman on the end of Boris Johnson and Rhys Nicholson v the Dodo. (Final)
Charlie's verdict on the Roberts-Smith trial of the century, Wil Anderson talks TV and his past life in the Canberra press gallery, Luke Heggie tells kids to harden up, and comedian Mel Buttle saves our teachers.
Charlie accounts for the PwC scandal, Rhys Nicholson goes behind the mask with Dave Hughes, comedian Scout Boxall teaches survival for a treacherous modern world, and the hilarious Ross Noble runs amok in the studio.
Charlie stans Stan Grant and catches up with Sam Neill to talk ducks, dinosaurs, and Meryl Streep. Roy & HG embrace Origin in Adelaide, Margaret mauls Wrestlemania and Lizzy Hoo strips Fashion Week bare.
John Cleese joins Charlie to talk life, death and Python's, comedian Concetta Caristo judges Eurovision, Luke Heggie shows off his moral fibre, and the politician who lied so hard it got him arrested.
Charlie crunches the budget, Andy Zaltzman in the UK anoints the coronation, Margaret Pomeranz savages I'm A Celebrity, Rhys gets rowdy in the library and comedian Suren Jayemanne saves his job from robots.
Charlie mourns Jerry's passing and celebrates Kyle's nuptials, Margaret crushes Milf Manor, Roy & HG cheer for Tassie footy, Tony Armstrong helps the King and Aunty Donna nearly make it to the studio.
Charlie breaks up with the Reserve Bank and cancels Barry Humphries, Rhys Nicholson sits down with the PM, comedian Kirsty Webeck makes a riot of protesting plus US correspondent Julia Claire on Book Burning in America.
Black Books star Dylan Moran talks life, the internet and growing up in small town Ireland. Plus Charlie cancels Arnie, Margaret Pomeranz scorches the Teletubbies and comedian Nath Valvo solves the rental crisis.