The Weekly With Charlie Pickering


Season 4, Episode 20

4.0 7 x
The Weekly picks apart Serena's serve, opioid addiction, and the Muppets in Canberra. Tom Gleeson Hard Chats Aussie music legend Paul Kelly. Kitty Flanagan rests in peace. Special guest: Olivia Newton-John! (Season Final)

Season 4, Episode 19

3.0 17 x
The Weekly investigates Mad Monday, bad honey, and lab-grown meat. Kitty Flanagan fixes superannuation. Tom Gleeson Hard Chats Roxy Jacenko. Roy & HG preview footy finals and hail Australia's newest hero, that tennis guy!

Season 4, Episode 18

4.0 8 x
Join The Weekly team as Charlie dissects the leadership spill and studies 'studies', Kitty Flanagan solves children's parties, Briggs interviews Simpsons creator Matt Groening, and Tom Hard Chats Human Nature.

Season 4, Episode 17

3.0 7 x
The Weekly team spills on Turnbull's turmoil, Kitty Flanagan explains internet challenges, Tom Gleeson Hard Chats Rove McManus, and we get the latest report from PyneWatch. Special guest: Jimmy Barnes!

Season 4, Episode 16

4.0 6 x
Space Force, the horse who won't race, Senator Anning's phrases, and why power bills really went up. Denise Scott fixes the Oscars and Tom Gleeson takes his show Go Away to Melbourne. Special guest: Eddie Izzard

Season 4, Episode 15

4.0 7 x
Charlie quizzes Barnaby Joyce, Tom Hard Chats Sarah Harris, Kitty presents her Rules for Life, and we probe Barrier Reef funding, Wiggles wobbles, footy king-hits, ASIC spying on banks, and Woolies spying on you.

Season 4, Episode 14

3.0 11 x
The Weekly ponders Super Saturday, the NDIS, a media merger and Pyne Watch. Briggs boats with Adam Bandt. Mel Buttle wrestles with marriage equality. Tom Hard Chats Virginia Trioli. Special guest: boxing champion Jeff Horn!

Season 4, Episode 13

4.0 14 x
The Weekly probes Super Saturday, pilot week, cave kid surprises, and our true national sport. Kitty Flanagan explains The Cloud. Tom Gleeson Hard Chats Ninja Warrior's Ben Fordham. Special guest: comedy legend Bryan Dawe!

Season 4, Episode 12

4.0 22 x
The Weekly brings you the latest on Donald Trump's European misspeaking tour, angry Elon Musk and giant avocados. Jonathan Pie checks in from the UK and Tom Gleeson Hard Chats Rob Mills. Special guest: Hannah Gadsby!

Season 4, Episode 11

4.0 33 x
Now at the earlier time of 8.30, The Weekly plumbs the depths of cave rescue coverage, Nollsy's spray, Latho's robocalls, franchising woes & the World Cup. Kitty gets into podcasts. Tom visits Cairns. Guest: Ben Harper