Ultimate Food Fun

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Ultimate Food Fun

Each country has their own amazing sights, sounds, and dishes, which is why Ambi C has created some world-inspired food just for you!

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Season 1
Ambi C is here to show you how to make dolphins out of bananas and a sizzling BBQ made entirely of fruit! Adult Supervision Advised.
Learn how to turn your eggs into an adorable rabbit or how to make totally edible cutlery!
Learn how to make a festive Santa from waffles, Christmas trees from cereals and Rudolf sliders for your lunchtime leftovers.
Learn how to make edible books and stationery as well as your own blackboard and chalk made from chocolate!
Make your own animal-inspired dishes with Ambi C; including banana penguins, pancake squirrels and chickens made out of pasta!
Ambi C as she shows you how to turn boring sandwiches into rocket ships and buns into amazing galaxies.
Make a roast dinner that's actually made of ice cream and doughnuts made from apple!
Learn how to make edible worms, ladybirds and bumble bees!