Untold Arctic Wars

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Untold Arctic Wars

The Soviet Union starts a major offensive in the north, and the Germans are retreating quickly. Hitler's construction projects drive prisoners-or-war to death and cannibalism. The Second World War ends in utter devastation of the Arctic.

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Season 1
The Allies increase pressure in the north with a major decoy operation. Hitler continues his massive construction projects and intends to hold on to the nickel in Petsamo. The Soviet Union forces Finland to start warfare against the Germans.
Allied commando troops make raids in Norway and establish espionage bases. Hitler becomes worried and targets more resources to the north. The weather war and the convoy war escalate. There is tension within the military leadership in the north.
Hitler decides to take a risk and invades the Soviet Union. Finland joins the war alongside Ger-many. The offensive quickly comes to a standstill and the Germans are in trouble. The Allies put pressure on Finland. The war expands into the Arctic Ocean.
The German war industry is in dire need of more iron ore. Hitler has his eye on the Norwegian coast and the port of Narvik. Also Britain is interested in the Arctic. The war parties engage in fierce battles in the mountains.
After World War I, Europe is in disarray. An alliance between Germany and the Soviet Union launches the Second World War. This also marks the beginning of an Arctic war, with Finland setting the stage for the first act.