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Vallery and company are hired to protect the host of a controversial television talk show.

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Season 1
Vallery is hired to protect a magazine's beautiful centerfold models from being kidnapped.
V.I.P. is hired to protect a promising professional basketball prospect from a ruthless sports agent.
Vallery Irons Protection is hired to protect a high strung actress whose memoirs threaten to create a scandal in Washington.
V.I.P.'s reputation is at stake when an 80-carat diamond is stolen while under their protection.
A bio-chemistry lab hires V.I.P. to protect their scientist who holds the key to a secret aphrodisiac using pheromone research.
Vallery and company are hired to protect a young Prince, unaware that he's plotting to overthrow his father, the King.
Val is forced to hire a paparazzi she can't stand, while Tasha's ex-husband, a world famous assassin, is hired to kill him.
Vallery Irons Protection agrees to protect and Internet geek who fears his tell-all expose has put his life in jeopardy.
Vallery Irons, a small town girl, suddenly finds herself being hailed as Hollywood's premiere bodyguard.