Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars catch up

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 20 - The Bitch Is Back

3.0 11 x
Parker confronts Logan about still having feelings for Veronica. Piz assures Veronica that he had nothing to do with the sex video. Veronica investigates how the tape originated.

Season 3, Episode 19 - Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down

4.0 5 x
Weevil is arrested for selling fake debit cards to Hearst students, but he claims he is being framed because of his criminal background. He asks Veronica to clear his name.

Season 3, Episode 18 - I Know What You'll Do Next Summer

4.0 5 x
Veronica passes the exam to officially become a private investigator, while Piz lands an interview with an African student who wrote a book about his years as a child soldier.

Season 3, Episode 17 - Debasement Tapes

4.0 7 x
Pop singer Desmond Fellows arrives on campus to perform at a benefit concert. When tapes of Fellows' backup vocals go missing, Piz recruits Veronica to help locate them.

Season 3, Episode 16 - Un-American Graffiti

3.0 3 x
A restaurateur hires Veronica to find out who has been vandalizing the business with ethnic slurs. Veronica and the woman's family are attacked in a drive-by paintball shooting.

Season 3, Episode 15 - Papa's Cabin

3.0 7 x
Veronica catches Tim Foyle breaking into Mars Investigations. Meanwhile, Keith questions Mindy and finally convinces her that Hank Landry killed her husband.

Season 3, Episode 14 - Mars, Bars

3.0 13 x
Josh insists that he is being framed for his father's murder. Keith learns that the coach's wife hired another private investigator to find out if her husband was having an affair.

Season 3, Episode 13 - Postgame Mortem

3.0 12 x
When the Hearst basketball coach is found dead, the coach's widow hires Keith to investigate the murder of her husband and to clear her son, who is the prime suspect.

Season 3, Episode 12 - There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill

4.0 7 x
Veronica is hired by Bonnie to find out who secretly slipped her a 'morning after pill.' Her investigation leads her to discovers that there was a witness to the dean's death.

Season 3, Episode 11 - Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves

3.0 5 x
Veronica is hired to track down a girl with whom a classmate shared an incredible one-night stand. Meanwhile, Keith takes a closer look at the dean's suicide.