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War Gamers

WATU's tactics are tested to the limit in the final encounter for ONS.5. As the Battle of the Atlantic reaches a crucial turning-point, the work of the Wrens is not yet over.

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Season 1
Following a promotion, Karl Donitz fills the ocean with monster wolfpacks. In 1943, as the battle reaches a crisis point for the Allies, and supplies are spread thinly around the British Isles, pressure mounts on Roberts and the Wrens to prove the worth of their tactics.
Roberts and Laidlaw develop new countertactics for the U-boats. The team face an uphill battle trying to convince Noble, already sceptical of Roberts' tactical school, that they have the key to stopping the U-boats in the Atlantic.
When Gilbert Roberts arrives to set up a tactical school for the U-boats, he receives a frosty reception from Admiral Noble, who is convinced the Allies already possess the tactic to defeat them.
After the fall of France in 1940, Donitz's trio of aces embark on a race to send British merchant ships to the bottom of the ocean, converging on convoys in wolfpack attacks. In Britain, the woman who will frustrate his plans turns the Women's Royal Naval Service into a force to be reckoned with. Suspecting that escorts re...
When WW2 breaks out, an elite force of German U-boat commanders, headed by Karl Donitz, attempt to starve Britain into submission by sinking their merchant shipping. Vera Laughton Mathews heads the newly reformed WRENS, and recruits bright, astute girls into the service. Meanwhile retired naval commander, Gilbert Roberts, ...