What Went Down

June 2017

Season 1, Episode 32

4.0 4 x
Really cool water slide flips, not so cool karate kicks, and a dude in a wingsuit does an amazing high five stunt. Oh, and an Amish guy jumps out of a plane.

Season 1, Episode 31

4.0 3 x
Spectacular zip-line trick shots, not so spectacular rope swing fails, and a high diver dives from 75 feet in the air. Oh, and group of kittens have a birthday party.

Season 1, Episode 33

3.0 3 x
Awesome base-jumping, not-so awesome male gymnastics, and dude perfect water park trick shots. Oh, and a very talented bear plays the trumpet and hula-hoops.

Fri 17 Feb, season 1 episode 47

3.0 3 x
Perfect Dude Perfect trick shots, not-so-perfect dudes falling off motorcycles, and a man shoots a balloon from a thousand yards away. Oh, and kayaking on city streets.

Mon 23 Jan, season 1 episode 52

3.0 0 x
Impressive rollerblading wins, not so impressive BMX fails and a snowmobile does a backflip. Oh, and two grown men joust with boxing gloves on mini motorcycles.

Tue 17 Jan, season 1 episode 30

4.0 4 x
High-flying BMX ramp jumps, low-flying parkour wall flops, and a skateboarder on stilts falls off a half-pipe. Oh, and a guy sits on an exploding airbag.

Tue 17 Jan, season 1 episode 29

4.0 0 x
Mind-blowing basketball trick shots, not so mind-blowing trampoline fails, and a man tapes his hands and feet to a bike. Oh, and a driverless car does reverse donuts.

Thu 3 Sep, season 1 episode 27

3.0 0 x
Amazing amateur lumberjack feats, not so amazing playground parkour stunts, and some dudes pull some pranks in the snow. Oh, and a zoo full of motorcycles.

Mon 16 Jan, season 1 episode 28

4.0 0 x
Incredible bike tricks, not so incredible parkour fails and a guy in a Santa suit gets blasted with paintballs. Oh, and a bunch of dudes form a human bicycle.

Thu 23 Feb, season 1 episode 51

3.0 4 x
Cool Devin Supertramp water catapulting, not-so cool random guy on a trampoline, and a triple backflip on a dirt bike. Oh, and a hot air balloon crashes into a house.
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