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Aussie Bush Tales

Snowy the puppy dingo finds a huge bone when the desert sands are blown away during a windy storm.

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Season 5
Moort is determined to get one red feather to wear to the Corroboree. After lots of failed attempts to get a feather from the birds in the trees, the children decide to come to the rescue.
Moort visits the Billabong, hoping to get some nice eggs for breakfast, but there are too many spiders, bugs and snakes!
Season 4
The children are away gathering shellfish but Moort is hungry for quandongs. He goes off to gather some and things don't quite go as planned.
When cousins come to stay with Moort and his family, a big problem is discussed. Why are all of the kangaroos growing short, stumpy tails?
When moort is hungry for shellfish called pipis, the family make a trip to the coast to collect some.
Moort sends Jarra to catch a fat goanna for dinner. While he is trying to find that goanna, Jarra goes into a dark and spooky tunnel.
It's been raining for so long that everything and everyone is thoroughly wet and cranky.
Moort's family is surprised when a huge bird crashes into the snowy mountain near where they are sheltering.
When Moort's boomerang won't work properly, Marlee has a great idea and Moort gets the children to help him cut wood from a Wandoo tree down near the billabong to make a new one.
Boya is very happy when he finds a possible new pet, but this pet is VERY noisy.