Bill's Kitchen: Notting Hill

Bill's Kitchen: Notting Hill catch up

Season 2013

Season 2013, Episode 10 - No Place Like Home

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Bill’s move from Sydney to Notting Hill has got him thinking of how he discovered food for the first time - from his earliest of cooking roast chicken for his Dad, to holidays backpacking through Europe discovering flavours of the Mediterranean.

Season 2013, Episode 9 - Street Food

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Bill is planning a small street party for a few mates, and the recipes he has chosen reflect his greatest street food memories.

Season 2013, Episode 8 - City Life

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For Bill, the big attraction of London's food scene is its diversity. It’s one of the few cities where you could be have Brazilian BBQ’s for breakfast, snack on Burrito’s for lunch, and then tuck into Turkish flatbreads for tea.

Season 2013, Episode 7 - Sweden

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For Bill growing up in Australia, Sweden felt as if it was on another planet. The idea that minus two degrees is reasonably mild is very odd to a boy growing up on a surfboard. But Scandinavia has been rocking the food world with world class restaurants and ingredients for years now, and it’s time Bill visited to discover ...

Season 2013, Episode 6 - Some Like It Hot

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London is at it’s most exciting during Fashion week and Bill is cooking for some of his favourite designers and their entourage at their post show party. Spice and originality are the themes for Bill’s party food and his Crispy Quinoa Fritters with a ‘Red Eye Mayo’ hits the spot with this demanding crowd.

Season 2013, Episode 5 - No Worries

Expired 4.0 18 x
London has become Bill’s fantasy Deli, shopping here for exotic food from around the world couldn’t be easier. It’s full of shops selling easy to prepare ingredients that make a chef’s life simple, and let’s face it - when you are at home after a hard day why should it be any different?

Season 2013, Episode 4 - Break For The Border

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A recent trip to Mexico has inspired Bill to work with the flavours and ingredients he discovered, but with a Bill twist.

Season 2013, Episode 3 - Notting Hill

Expired 4.0 7 x
Moving the whole family from Australia to England has been an upheaval for Bill and his family, but it was worth it to be part of London's vibrant and exciting food scene. But he didn’t want to be just anywhere in London, there was only one place.

Season 2013, Episode 2 - Home From Home

Expired 4.0 11 x
Although Bill is now settled in London, he still travels the world and finds inspiration wherever he goes but like all travellers he loves it when he comes home to cook in his family kitchen. In this episode, Bill shares some of his favourite ‘it’s good to be home’ recipes.

Season 2013, Episode 1 - A Day Off

Expired 3.0 21 x
In his new London home, Bill is busy running his new restaurant, the hours are long but a day off is a chance to cook up some Granger favourites. A family breakfast, a walk in Hyde Park and just enjoying being at home are made special with Bill’s recipes.