Season 1, Episode 3 (Rocket)

4.0 22 x
A royal visit to a family-owned munitions factory spells a red letter day for Oxford's finest. Unfortunately, the red letters in question spell M.U.R.D.E.R.

Season 5, Episode 6 (Icarus)

3.0 25 x
The disappearance of a teacher at a public school forces Endeavour into an undercover operation. Carnage ensues as the investigation into Eddie Nero deepens. (Final)

Season 5, Episode 5 (Quartet)

4.0 29 x
An assassination at an international sporting event uncovers a decades-old spy plot. Thursday investigates an attack on Eddie Nero.

Season 5, Episode 4 (Colours)

4.0 30 x
A murder at an army base threatens to uncover their secrets. A protest at a hair salon exposes an undercurrent of racism in Oxford.

Season 5, Episode 3 (Passenger)

3.0 20 x
Endeavour investigates the case of missing woman at a railway station, while a lorry hijack exposes a new criminal threat in Oxford.

Season 5, Episode 2 (Cartouche)

4.0 16 x
Endeavour investigates a mysterious poisoning at a local cinema. When an employee also dies under suspicious circumstances, they uncover a bitter revenge plot linked to the war.

Season 5, Episode 1 (Muse)

4.0 34 x
The auction of a Faberge Egg at an Oxford college coincides with a series of sadistic murders. Endeavour takes charge of a young apprentice.

Season 4, Episode 4 (Harvest)

3.0 21 x
The extraordinary discovery of a 2,000 year old body reveals a new lead in a case. Endeavour and Thursday must investigate the eerie village of Bramford where nature is pitted against man & pagan rites hide nuclear mysteries.

Season 4, Episode 3 (Lazaretto)

3.0 28 x
Whispers of a cursed ward at Cowley General, and a seemingly innocuous death begin a chain of events that lead Endeavour to investigate the dark depths of the hospital.

Season 4, Episode 2 (Canticle)

4.0 28 x
When moral crusader Joy Pettybon receives a death threat, Endeavour must protect her at all costs. But the arrival of the rebellious band, The Wildwood, quickly drags Endeavour into a bloody war of social attitudes.