Cold Case

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Season 1
A serial rapist who terrorized the city five years earlier, leaving one woman dead, sends a letter to the detective squad letting them know that he is back and ready to strike again.
Lilly investigates a 1983 murder in which a young mother was killed by a homemade bomb packed in a laundry-detergent box shortly before she was to testify in court against a man who exposed himself.
Detective Lilly Rush from Philadelphia Homicide reopens a 1976 murder case involving two wealthy families when the former housekeeper, who is now old and dying of cancer, comes forward.
DNA evidence reveals the wrong man has been imprisoned for the 1986 murder of beautiful 15-year-old Eve Kendall. Rush and Valens reopen the case and discover that the teen was desired by several men.
Rush, Valens and Vera investigate the 1999 murder of a military academy swim coach, Nash Cavanaugh, who died in the academy's swimming pool.
A court-appointed psychologist approaches Rush regarding a client, Sea, a troubled 17-year-old boy who's been lost in the foster care system since he witnessed the murder of his mother, Rebecca.
Rush and Valens reopen the 1985 murder case of Charles Danville, a wealthy stockbroker killed during a possible botched carjacking.
A current murder case leads Rush and Valens to reopen a cold case from 1992 involving a young woman, Vanessa Prosser, killed after leaving a political event on election night.
Rush and Valens investigate a case involving the hit-and-run car accident death of Craig Cardiff on New Year's Eve 1999.
Stillman asks Rush and Valens to reopen the 1987 case of Philadelphia high school basketball star Herman Lester, who was stabbed to death hours after leading his team to the state championship.
Human remains found in the excavation site for a new building lead Rush and Valens to investigate the unsolved deaths of a man and a woman in their mid-20s who disappeared in 1969.
In 1978, fire destroyed a disco, and 23 people died. The partial remains of a body were recently found six feet underneath the building site - in the former VIP room.
Rush and Valens reopen the unsolved killing of Arnold Collier, a 6-year-old orphan who died in an empty field in 1958. The former orphanage where Arnold lived now operates as a day care center.
Rush confronts her oldest murder case yet when Sarah Tucker, the 40-year-old granddaughter of Sadie Douglas, a black woman who was murdered in 1939, provides letters Sadie wrote to Sarah's mother.
Lieutenant Stillman asks Rush to investigate the 1980 unsolved murder of an 8-year-old boy. Stillman worked the case and is still haunted by it.
A former college professor, Roy Minard, asks Rush to reopen a murder case. Minard's career ended in disgrace when he became the prime suspect in the violent murder of his student Holly Rickter.
Rush reopens the case of a hitchhiker found murdered in 1997 near Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Rush reopens a cold case when she receives a cryptic phone call from an anonymous man who claims he murdered his grandmother in 1989 and buried her in the basement of his former home.
Rush and Valens reopen a case involving a young woman, Rosie Miles, who is slowly emerging from a 2-year coma with no memory of the murder of her daughter, Toya.
Lilly reopens a 1964 homicide case in which a college baseball player who was homosexual was beaten to death outside of a gay club. The dead man's now elderly and ill mother, who seeks closure be